Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love you Apple!

We are less than 24 hours away from my csection and though it may sound petty to some people the one thing I can't even imagine being in the hospital without is my Iphone. I'm totally addicted and it's my little mini lifeline to the world not to mention it allows me access to practically everything I need to do for the blogs, though it might take a little longer to write an email on my Iphone than my laptop it's certainly a great backup.

Needless to say while bending over to give my dogs their breakfast today I dropped my precious Iphone all of two feet onto the concrete. Mind you this poor phone has been slung across the room by a certain adorable two year old we all know, been through rainstorms, encountered countless dumps in the car, and who knows what else and never suffered a scratch. This afternoon however when it hit the floor I heard an unmistakable cracking sound of glass. The entire front plate of the phone was shattered into a million little pieces. Now combine that with a very pregant girl who is well aware how much these phones cost and just what this phone means to me. Talk about instant tears, I mean snot flowing tears. A quick call to AT&T confirmed my horror when I learned that I'm not elegible for an upgrade for six months and the replacement on my phone would cost $400. Panic set in..

So as a last ditch resort I called Apple as I couldn't remeber if I had a replacement plan or not. Needless to say that accidental injuries to your Iphone are not covered regardless but they did offer a replacement for $199. Still way more money than I was really looking to spend this month especially seeing as I'm about to have to pay my hospital copay in less than 24 hours. Considering living without a phone for six months though (and having to play my service plan regardless) I figured it was my only resort. The only obstical was I had to take my phone 79 miles away to Birmingham to get it replaced at our nearest Apple store. Let me remind you.. I'm due to be at the hospital in less than 24 hours. The Apple rep actually argued with me about if this idea was the smartest one I've ever had... hehe.. I appreciate his concern. After I assured him I'd have my aunt go with me he set me up the appointment.

Two hours later in Birmingham I carried my poor injured phone into the store, prol looking a little like a lost little girl carrying her injured puppy into a vets office and let me tell you the girls at the Genius Bar at the Apple store in Birmingham totally blew me away. Not only did I NOT have to replace my phone but they had the glass fixed on my phone in just a few minutes... I came home with my only bill being the cheesecake I bought my Aunt for driving me to Birmingham on such short notice and a very sore bum from sitting in the car on my tailbone the whole way. Have I mentioned before that I now totally love Apple?

I (heart) you Iphone.


clenna said...

I have a feeling I would love the iPhone too. I currently have Verizon and iPhone doesn't do verizon network - darn. Can I ask how much you pay monthly? i pay around $80 for a family plan.
clenna at aol dot com

Anna said...

Just discovered your blog! I am totally addicted to my Blackberry too. My husband says he is the #2 in my life...right after my Blackberry!

Wish I had found your blog sooner, I will have to go back and catch up on this wonderful journey that reaches its peak tomorrow! Hope all goes well for you and baby tomorrow with your C-section!

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