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Super Hero Boy - Online Press Kit

Interested in having your products featured on Super Hero Boy? Well we can help!

My Background :

I'm a 30 year old WAHM who just also happens to be a full time marketing student at Troy University. A few years ago I had this awesome plan to totally reboot my life and start over which meant going back to school, having a baby, and moving back home, in no particular order. Previous to that I worked in the computer industry, needless to say I am fluent in tech geek, yes that means I adore robots, graphic novels, gadgets of all sorts, and am horribly addicted to video games. I have to admit I was terrified and excited about being a mom but finding the right baby gear was incredibly frustrating. I researched and researched and registered for what I thought was all the best products, needless to say I hated a good 90% of them after I got to using them. Out of pure frustration Super Hero Boy (previously known as Seven Dogs and a Baby) was born as its really important that mom's get advice on products from mom's who have actually touched and used the products they are writing about. Not some sterile review written by a person who may not have any idea what it's like to have two hours sleep, be covered in puke, and that bouncy seat you bought that is supposed to lull your cranky baby to sleep scares the crap, literally, out of them. Not that I would openly admit that happened to me. Needless to say we have expanded from just baby reviews but I feel as strongly about every review I do as I did with the first few. As for that question we get asked at least twenty times a day, yes we did actually have seven dogs. Currently we are down to four and a very large ex race horse but who is counting? The largest amount of dogs in the house at one time was thirteen with puppies but I think those days are over thanks to my own babies.

What we accept :

First of all, we get many submissions a day so if you send me an email and it takes me a few days to get back to you don't fret, if you don't hear from me within a week email again. Who knows its possible one of the dogs ate the email.

We take submissions for pretty much anything that can be used by a family. Anything from Toys, jewelry, computer equipment, digital cameras, video games, dvds, food and wine, you name it I'm happy to cover it if I feel it's something our readers would be interested in. Please note though I do take children's books, software, and music as reviews I get an outrageous number of submissions for children's books and music sometimes each day. I find they are the most time consuming reviews so I usually do not accept them unless they are submitted as sponsored reviews. The exception is that occasionally I will take a limited number of books for review but there is no guaranteed time frame in which the reviews will appear.

All incoming review items must be in market ready condition, no prototypes, no beta software, no ARC books. I want to see them as my readers would see them. Retail ready packaging is preferred but open box items are ok as long as they are in working order. Digital images, media kits, and product catalogs are helpful additions.

Please note have worked with some of the top companies toy companies, electronics, media, and the fashion industry as well as featured handmade items. Regardless of if its a $300 stroller or $15 handmade toy all of our reviews are important to us, and we are excited about each one. Regardless of an items price each review is treated the same.

PR Agents, Designers, Etsy artists, WAHMs, pretty much anyone that has a product that they want to pitch to me is welcome to apply I do not discriminate. After all I am a WAHM myself. If you do not get a reply within a day or so feel free to pester me again, I get a lot of email so sometimes I hit rely and Connor pours his cheerios all over the floor and I get up to clean it up and well you know the story, so don't feel like your bugging me. If its not something I am interested in covering I do work with other blogs and I can possibly refer you as well.

All review items once they arrive here become property of Super Hero Boy. They are not returned nor do we take items on loan typically. If you would like to hold a giveaway, you must provide a separate item than the one submitted for review. Want more exposure? We also offer advertising at ridiculously cheap rates.

Return Policy :

Review items are NOT returned. Every item that is submitted for review becomes the propriety of Super Hero Boy to be used how we see fit. Our testing process involves actual use of the product including washing the item if its a clothing item, playing, my two year old gets in on the action as well and he has been known to kick, drop, and/or lick products. With that in mind sometimes the dogs do too, so needless to say once they are reviewed they usually stay here.

Review Cost :

Standard Reviews - Reviews are free minus the fact that you are submitting a product. The only exception to this rule is if your submitting a product worth less than $25. This happens often in food reviews and if that's the case it may be more worth your wild to see our section on sponsored reviews. I get many requests for reviews on small items and to be honest I just cannot take on every single submission. If you want an item reviewed that is low cost you can either submit multiple products, or host a giveaway along with the review.

Sponsored Reviews - I do on a rare occasion take a sponsored review. This usually falls to products such as food, sometimes baby gear, or small toys. Sponsored reviews cost a flat fee of $25 and to participate in the sponsored review you still must submit a sample of what you want me to write about as well as a media kit and images. This covers the time we invest in the review. I reserve the right to decline any sponsored review that I do not feel is a good match for our readers. I will accept children's books, software, and music for a sponsored review as well.

Time Frame On Reviews :

Due to the amount of submissions and the fact that I do have an active toddler underfoot our review process takes somewhere around 30 to 60 days. There is the rare case where a review is held over longer but this usually happens during the holiday season or special event on the blog. If your curious about the status of your review feel free to email or message me.

Advertising :

Yes, well offer advertising! See our advertisement section for more info. If you ask me I'm fairly positive we have one of the cheapest advertising you can find!

Want something more personal?

I am looking for sponsorship for various conferences throughout the year including Blogher and Toy Fair. I am all ears if you want to make an agreement. My school schedule prevents me from visiting every conference but I am open for travel on most Thurs-Sun weekends. I also have easy access to Atlanta for face to face meetings. If your looking to send me Connor, and a babysitter to Disney World for a week, I'll skip school, heh. I know my professors read this blog, so in advance if I say I'm sick and come back with a tan, just walk away.

Republishing Our Work :

If you have been featured and wish to republish our review, or parts of our review, in your media kit you do not need to ask permission I only require that you give the blog full credit for anything written. Though I would love to hear about it if you do. If your a member of the press and would like to use our content as a quote or part of your article please contact me before doing so, this is usually not an issue.

Contact Info :

IM is the fastest and most direct way to reach me as its rare I am ever out of the range of a computer for more than a few hours. Due to my schedule phone and email sometimes takes a bit longer.

Google Im : angelaandconnor at gmail dot com
Aol Im : angelandconnor
email : angelaandconnor at gmail dot com
cell : 334-462-7666

Contact me for my mailing address.

Email me at angelaandconnor at gmail dot com.


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