Monday, February 15, 2010

Charlie Brown, who can argue that one?

I was never really a Charlie Brown fan, however I'm a die hard Snoopy fan so I was sure I'd seen every Charlie Brown feature ever made but when You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown arrived imagine my suprise when I realized I had not! You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown is based on the broadway musical (about Charlie Brown) and the dvd itself sort of plays out like a play would. Its presented in musical acts where each of the characters explore what it really means to be a good person and what happyness is to each of them.

What is really suprising about this dvd is Snoopy. Snoopy typically does not talk in Charlie Brown episodes, he growls, and grunts, and even appears to talk but you never actually hear him say anything. In You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown he not only talks but sings! Though his voice isn't at all how I would have imagined it. It's still a rather cool turn of events and for myself made the entire dvd worth it! Overall though its a great addition for Charlie Brown lovers but some may be put off by the fact that this is mostly a musical dvd. The plot line is cut up into acts and though they all work together it's not one big story line like many of the holiday features would have been. Overall though I found it really entertaining and Connor actually got up and danced to several of the songs.

Quality wise this is one of the better Charlie Brown dvds we've seen and the soundtrack is actually really good. If you enjoy animated musicals it's defently one you should add to your list!

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown is available right now on dvd and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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