Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have I told you about Connor's obession with Monsters?

Ever since Halloween Connor has been talking non stop about monsters. Not in a "I'm scared of the monster's under my bed!" sort of way, but he actually LIKES the monsters. He proudly informed me last week that there was a ghost under his bed and a monster in the closet. This was of course before he has ever seen Monsters, Inc so now he's really obessed. Thank goodness I stocked up on monster themed pajamas at the Halloween clearance sales!

With the release of UP Disney decided to re-release Monsters, Inc in a really fanatastic blu-ray/dvd combo pack which if we could rate a movie by how often Connor asks to see it in a one week span Monsters, Inc is off the charts. Seriously I've seen UP at least five times this week but Monsters, Inc has played almost nonstop on one TV in my house since it arrived. Thank heavens for those blu-ray/dvd combo packs as without them I'd be constantly running from one side of the hosue to the other attempting to appease my own little monster. Actually speaking of which he's sounds asleep in his fort pillow on top of my bed as we speak, and you can only guess what movie he was watching when he fell asleep... heh.. Monsters, Inc.

If you haven't yet seen Monsters, Inc then I'm not even sure where to begin. It's the perfect cure for any child who is afraid of the monster in their closet as after watching an hour and half of Sulley baby Boo you'd wonder why ever kid wasn't as monster obsessed as mine is. Seeing it in blu-ray was a real treat it was a goregous movie in its original release but seeing it in blu-ray makes you wonder what they did to enhance it as each of the hairs on Sulley stands out and the lighting is fantastic. The audio is also much clearer on the blu-ray version than the standard edition.

As for bonus features we had a blast watching the Pixar shorts included, Mikes New Car and For The Birds. There are also several dvd games included for the older kids and lots of documentary type features. Regardless if you own an older copy or if your buying Monsters, Inc for the first time the blu-ray/dvd combo pack is a winner in my book. For every time I've not had to go dig the blu-ray copy out when Connor wanted to watch it in my room makes it all worth it to me and then some. Not to mention seeing it in blu-ray reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place!

You can pick up your own copy of Monsters, Inc at Amazon right now!


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