Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UP is great for the whole family!

Are you absolutely tired of watching cartoons? I never thought I'd say this but there are some days I really wish we could watch something with an actual plot to it. Not that I mind watching endless amounts of children programming but for the most part it just ends up as background noise while I'm studying. When Up showed up though, everything changed. Up was the first children movie in a really long time that my husband was actually excited about seeing. So much so he couldn't wait for me to watch it as it arrived in the middle of my midterms week and between having to take care of the horse and doing homework I was pretty much gone that whole week. I've honestly never seen him so excited about watching a movie with Connor.

Now I really wish I would have been there that night to watch it with them as since, I've watched Up at least four times with Connor and not only does it have a really detailed story line but there is really something in the movie for everyone in the family. The story line is not at all what I expected from seeing the previews, its actually a romance in a way and it really starts off pretty sad. Without ruining it for you I could only hope to dream that my husband feels even half the way that Carl feels about Ellie when we are old. The whole story goes has everything from parts that will make you cry to laugh out loud. Once you've met Dug the dog you'll be in love.

What really surprised us though was the picture quality. It's hands down my favorite animation from Disney in quite some time. So often with so many of the newer releases it always seems like they are attempting to impress you with something. Everything about this film is totally flawless and there is no aspect that really stands out over the rest. It's just clean, gorgeous, and even down to the balloons it feels like you can just reach out and touch them on bluray. I've watched it with Connor on regular dvd too in the bedroom and though there is a difference the graphics lend themselves to either aspect. Even Chris made a comment on just how great this movie looks. So often it seems like your staring at this gorgeous background or 3D effects and everything else goes to waste. Nothing was left out in UP and everything looks amazing.

The sound quality offers the same sort of feelings as the graphics. Everything is just so crisp and clear nothing is overwhelming and there is nothing to distract you from the storyline. It's really quite refreshing as this movie really gives itself to its storyline but nothing else takes second stage. The voices of the dogs are downright hilarious and the sound effects Kevin (the very colorful bird) is as impressive as his rainbow colored feathers. Unlike so many movies I have to turn the sound up on the tv to hear the dialog over the background that's just not the case for UP. Everything from the dogs to Carl comes over clear as a bell which makes this the perfect candidate for a great movie for Connor to watch while the new baby is sleeping in the near future. The only problem will be getting him not to laugh at full volume every single time one of the dogs squeal "SQUIRREL!"

I know I say this every single time we get a new blu-ray video to review but seriously regardless if you have a blu-ray player yet or not your downright silly not to buy the blu-ray combo packs. Stocked with both a blu-ray version and a regular version of the movie as well as more extra features than you can imagine it's just more economical. Connor does not have a blu-ray player yet for his bedroom. If you do have the luxury of a blu-ray player check out the entire disc worth of extras. When I say there are a ton of extras included you could spend all day watching them. We went through just a few of them including a cute one about married life for Carl and Ellie. Disc one also has a great little short all about Dug, my favorite character if you can't tell, that you really must see!

You can pick up your own copy of UP right now on Amazon!

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Cindy said...

oh gosh, i cried many parts of the movie. i loved the movie, it was sweet. there was the happy ending and all but it was such a heartfelt movie.

my daughter thought the talking dogs were hilarious!

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