Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm not the world's best cook.

Though lately I've been feeling more up to the task with my Frigidaire Gallery Stove and Microwave. Seriously I can't say I've ever truly been in love with an appliance but the amount of time and energy this stove saves me goes beyond words. When they say that the new Frigidaire appliances come with a “More Me Time” guarantee they were not kidding.

What can my stove do for me? Well though it may seem from my posts that most of the time I seem to be making pizzas, seriously that's not all we make with our Frigidaire stove. I just really enjoy the one touch pizza button which really is fabulous when I'm running through the house trying to get homework done, answer emails, and attempting to wrangle my two year old under control. Not to mention I'm surrounded by boys and it seems like all they want to eat is pizza some days. What I'm really looking forward to is the upcoming holiday season. For once in my life I finally have an oven that can cook everything I need it too in one sitting, this stove has more shelves included than I have ever seen so making cookies, thanksgiving dinner, or just entertaining family will be a snap!

I really wanted to show you guys my favorite feature about this stove. The "lazy" buttons as my husband calls them. Seriously there are a set of buttons on the top of my Frigidaire stove that literally cook whatever it is you want to cook at a touch of a button. I told you guys earlier that we often use the chicken nuggets and pizza buttons but my newest favorites are the self clean and quickly preheat buttons. There is nothing better than walking past my oven, hitting quickly preheat, and knowing when I come back in just a few moments I'm ready to rock.

Check out the entire line of Frigidaire appliances on their website. Don't forget that Frigidaire offers the “More Me Time” guarantee!

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That looks great! I need a "pizza setting" lol

I left you an award :)

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