Friday, October 9, 2009

Thats one pretty hip shirt you got there munchkin!

I really pride myself in finding cool unusual clothing for my very unusual little man. What better way to really get attention on the playground than to show up in one really cool vintage tattoo inspired camp shirt from Kidcosmic?

Actually a basic camp shirt can be played up or played down making this a great all around all season shirt for Connor's wardrobe. It's pretty roomy which makes it a great cool summertime shirt on its own but match it with a short or long sleeved undershirt and you're ready to rock for fall and winter as well. I plan on putting Connor in this one as it gets cooler matched with a pair of great black "leggings" on his arms. Alabama is fairly mild in the winter months and recycling our baby leggings as arm covers makes for the perfect match to turn this cool camp shirt into a great winter time shirt.

I can't even tell you how adorable and totally cool rocker Connor looks in this shirt matched with a pair of dark jeans. I have to say I'm a bit jealous as I'm more than positive my child is far more fashionable than I am.

Check out the great selection of unique children's clothing and accessories over at Kidcosmic!


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