Thursday, September 17, 2009

Owie, Mom has boo-boo!

I was reminded here recently that I had an outstanding review from over the summer that I needed to get done! Summer was a blur as most of that time I spent sick in bed thanks to baby #2, at the hospital with mom, or on my honeymoon (making baby #2 heh). We had another recent surprise when our electrical totally went out in the entire house! When I say went out, it was something out of a horror movie, lights flashing things making whirling sounds, you name it. It's been super stormy here the last few weeks and at some point lightening struck near enough to our power line that it totally friend my entire meter and electrical box outside. I wont even mention what it cost me to fix but hopefully the good people with our home insurance will cover it.

Needless to say I was standing in my very weedy, very unattended flower bed at 2am attempting to figure out what on earth just happened to my power as of course I was up working on emails and trying to get two weeks worth of my favorite soup cooked. To my horror I realized my meter box was sparking and making very unhappy noises, what I didn't realize was I had stepped right into a torn bush and cut my leg up in the process. It must have been very upsetting as I really didn't notice till I went back inside to pack Connor up in the car, as I was fairly sure at that point my house was about to burn down, and rushed him over to my aunt's house so at least he'd be safe. While packing him up Connor looks down at my leg and proclaims the fact that not only am I bleeding but I had a big "owie" on my leg.

Luckily there is one thing in this household that we do have under control. Seeing as I had absolutely no lights in the house trying to find a bandaid much less any other first aid supplies would normally be a nightmare. Thankfully we had a me4kidz Medibag on hand that had everything I need, lights or no lights, to fix up my leg and get back to the task at hand. So while I waited for the power company to come and cut my precious power line, and thumbed through the yellow pages to see if there was any chance I could find a electrician to fix my electrical box in the wee hours of the night. I hung out in the cargo area of my old, and what I realized then was sorta smelly like pony and old diapers... ugg, SUV and dug through my Medibag to find all the stuff I needed.

In a world where my life is usually total chaos filled with very little sleep, homework, a toddler, and now no power. I really highly appreciate products that keep me organized and are easy to use. The Medibag is basically a all in one first aid kit. Everything from bandages, to burn gel, to an instant cold pack, and even a pair of tweezers are included. It's all stored in this super cute doctor's bag shaped plastic storage container which is generously sized so you can add a few extras of your own if you wish as well. Though it comes stocked with Antibiotic Ointment I added some spray on stuff of our own, and I just recently added more burn gel as thanks to a little argument between a certain pony we all know and love and a very adorable two year old I ended up with just about the worst rope burn I've had in my life a few weeks ago as well. Let me tell you burn gel is not something I usually keep stocked in my house but if you have ever suffered through a whole hand rope burn its the equivalent of sticking your hand on a hot stove and leaving it there several seconds. That was easily one of the worst nights I've had since giving birth to Connor and the burn gel was a grateful relief.

Included in each Medibag is a coupon for a free refill of all the most used products in the kit. Bandages, ointments, gel, even stickers are all just a few of the items you will get with your free refill. Though unless your a total clutz like Connor and myself you should have plenty of supplies to last you for a very long time. We've had ours several months and we have not even remotely come close to making a dent in the 30 bandages that are included or thankfully had not yet had to use many of the supplies that come with the bag.

Head on over to the me4kidz website and check out all of their great first aid supplies. From the Medibag to Medibuddy, a tiny miniature kit just right for the car, and even a Diaper Bag Buddy which will help you keep your diaper bag stocked and organized. I really just need to break down and buy a second bag at some point to keep at the barn as I have this awful feeling between Connor, myself, and our incredibly hyper active pony, I'm in for a very painful summer next year!

A little side note... encase anyone in your family has a latex allergy. You'll be glad to know that the Medibag is totally latex free and all the bandages are as well!


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