Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The kids are back in school... why not mom?

Mom's Homeroom is a great resource for parents. As soon as my new mom friends find out that I write for a living almost without exception at some point I'm asked about how to help their kids and their writing skills. The only problem is, I'm terrible at giving writing advice, it's always just been a skill that has come naturally. However, if good writing skills are not learned early it's certainly a challenge later and it affects every aspect of a child's life. For example taking notes and writing essays is an essential skill once a child get into high school not to mention college. I'm currently taking college classes and I end up having to write a paper at least twice a week. Learning good writing skills has made college a much easier task for me as from taking good notes to study or literally writing my way through a class, as even if I don't know everything on a topic if you are persuasive enough with your writing you can write your way out of almost any assignment, literally.

Mom's Homeroom offers some great short videos on how to get your kids excited about writing no matter what age range your working with. As well they offer more advanced ideas for older children. It's an especially good resource if you have no idea where to start with your kids. My absolutely favorite article on the site is called "Help, writing is torture" and it addresses a mom of a young son who hates to write. Personally I hated writing when I was younger as well and honestly my love of writing did not even start until my early twenties when I really found what a valuable resource I had all along. I really wish someone would have sat down and really explained it all to me earlier, I've always used my skills but I never truly appreciated them.

Mom's Homeroom is a free resource and I really think all parents need to check it out and get those kids writing!

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