Friday, July 10, 2009

Some relief from the sleeping issues.

I recently made the big announcement that I'm indeed pregnant again, hence the gaps in posts, and this pregnancy is SO much more different than the first with Connor. The biggest issue seems to be the constant lack of sleep. I just can't sleep when I want to and when I don't it feels like I can't avoid it, but yet still can't sleep. Though nothing seems to totally remedy the situation there is one thing I've come to the conclusion that I can't live without. So much so it will be going with me to Blogher later this month and I don't leave it at home if I'll be gone overnight at all.

Temper-pedic sent me two fabulous pillows to test out a few months ago and I couldn't imagine then exactly what they would mean to me now. Sure I'm a huge memory foam fan and I've been drooling over the chance to get my hands on a real Temper-pedicfoam pillow for years but after the last month I can't even remotely imagine where I'd be without one. Especially lately when it seems almost impossible to get comfortable in bed.

Originally I was excited to do this review as a mom with a toddler I've had my fair share of sleepless nights and I'm all for anything that helps you not only get to sleep faster but have higher quality sleep. My mother also suffers from chronic neck pain and swears by a neck pillow. This was the first pillow I tried and though I don't suffer from any neck pain I did feel as if my shoulders (which is where I carry all my stress) were far less sore in the morning after using it for a few days. Though seeing as I toss and turn a lot during the night and tend to turn my pillow in every direction possible depending on how I'm sleeping, I'm not sure a neck pillow was the best option for me. If your a side or a back sleeper and you have trouble with neck or back pain I'd highly recommend one however.

The second Temper-pedic pillow I tried was the Comfort Pillow by Temper-pedic. Wow, this is exactly the kind of pillow I've been dreaming about. The memory foam is firm enough that it supports my head but soft enough that I can easily scrunch it up like I would a normal pillow. I love the pillow so much that I made it about 15 miles outside of town on my last visit to my parents house and turned around and drove back home as I couldn't imagine sleeping without it. Though it hasn't cured my recent baby induced insomnia problems it certainly has helped quite a bit! Really my only wish was that it was bigger. We got a standard sized pillow and I'm normally used to sleeping on a king sized pillow so I think that will be my next big investment is to move up a size when I can. Otherwise no matter what your sleeping style or pillow preference I can't imagine a better pillow. I've tried sleeping on regular pillows since I got my Temper-pedicand there is just no comparison. I've also had other cheaper memory foam pillows in the past and they all had a slight odor and tended to flatten down way too fast. Thus far I've not noticed any odor with my Temper-pedic (there might have been a very faint odor the first few days but that's common in memory foam products and honestly if there was it wasn't anything that put me off) and my pillow is still very fluffy and soft after sleeping on it for quite a few weeks now.

Now if only we had the Temper-pedicbed to match. heh. Just remembering how difficult it was to sleep when I was pregnant the last few months with Connor makes me wish even more so we had one! Ahh well at least we now live in a single story house and I won't be banished to the couch as I was terrified I would fall down the stairs when I got so big I could no longer see my feet. Don't laugh Chris did it and he CAN see his feet and almost flew out the window at the bottom of the stairs. Ok, laugh.. its funny.. he was ok but the window was not so lucky.

In the meantime check out the Temper-pedic website and all of their fabulous products!

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sunnymum said...

My littlest is just 5 months old now, so the memories of being uncomfortable in bed are still fresh in my mind. Good luck! Thanks for the review, sounds like a great pillow!

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