Friday, July 3, 2009

I cant belive you guys actually wanted this cabbage recipe.

Ok for all of those that asked about my Cabbage recipe its simple enough that anyone can cook it and its pretty flexable so you can tweak it however you wish.

1 Full Head of Cabbage
1 Package of Bacon (use as much or as little as you like)
Noodles of your choosing.. I use sea shells but I know other people who use flat noodles.

Onion, Salt/Pepper & Cottage Cheese is optional

So its really simple folks and its a great recipe if you have cabbage growing in your garden this summer and it reminds me a bit of corn beef and cabbage without the corn beef (I mostly like corn beef and cabbage for the cabbage anyways).

Chop and wash cabbage. Turn the cooktop on medium and add a pretty generous dollop of butter to the bottom of your pan. I use a very large skillit so I can get everything in one pan and mine is big enough to cook an entire large head of cabbage in one pan but if your using a smaller pan you can just add cabbage as the cabbage on the bottom starts to soften. You may need to add another few spoonfuls of butter as the cabbage cooks but basically the cabbage should look wet and its really to taste. If you add too much butter the dish starts to get greasy. Cook cabbage till its soft and tender.

While your cooking the cabbage I cook the bacon in another pan.. you CAN use bacon bits if you wish or precooked bacon but personally I like the really thick breakfast bacon. I end up using about half a package but you can add as much or as little as you like. I always cook the entire package then once its been drained and sat long enough till it starts to firm up I cut all the bacon into little pieces and start adding it to the cabbage until I feel there is enough. The bacon is really the flavoring for the cabbage. I've not tried it with sausage but I've heard you can make it with sausage as well.

While all this is going on boil your pasta of choice though honestly I like this dish with or without the pasta... the pasta just adds a little more bulk to the dish to make it a meal. Last time I used a whole box of sea shells and honestly that was WAY too much for one head of cabbage. Half a box would have done the trick.

Once all three are done combine and season how you wish. I use a tiny bit of sea salt and a pinch of garlic. I also add in some onion flakes WHILE the cabbage is cooking. Though you can use fresh onion too.

My mother in law says that she likes it with cottage cheese on top. I personally am not a big cottage cheese fan but she swears by it.. lol.

Thats all.. its a plain dish.. but personally I could eat cabbage every day even only just steamed. Something is just comforting about hot cabbage.. Connor really loves this dish as well! I'm not master chef and I can cook it without any issues so thats a huge plus too! heh.


carolpie said...

Thank you for the recipe! I also am a huge cabbage fan and I know my hubby would love this because of the bacon. I see we could do it without the pasta, too, for low carb. Sounds very yummy and I will have to tell my sister also. This will be coming up soon in my house. Yum!

Just to let you know of a recipe that I make and it is super easy and yummy. I love to make this soup: cut up cabbage and cook in water until soft. Make a roux-melt butter and add flour and cook till lightly browned-not dark. Add into the soup. Needs a bit of salt. If it doesn't have enough roux flavor make more. This has a good buttery cabbage taste.

Beeb said...

I love cabbage, so I will have to try this! What a great idea to include noodles. That wouldn't have occurred to me.

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