Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lookie lookie what just showed up on my doorstep!

Talk about an excited day in a girls life. Its not every day that you get a brand new Frigidaire Gallery Series stove and microwave delivered and installed by some incredible guys! To my surprise and almost horror I realized that the Electrolux rep was with them for the install and of course I had just come from Florida and I think everything I owned was on my kitchen counters and the house was a mess. Ahh well what is a girl to do I have a two year old that is obsessed with "touching" everything and I run this blog out of my tiny house so its not uncommon to see outgoing giveaways stacked in piles and review items scattered all over the living room as the best way to test something by far is to allow a two year old to have his way with something. heh. Not to mention I had just woken up from a nap and I looked as much as a mess as my poor house. Heh, I'm still totally embarrassed.

My house is older and my cabinets are not stock as they were made custom for the house by the first owner so nothing seems to fit exactly and the great install techs never even made a peep about the fact that installing a new microwave in my kitchen is not by far the easiest. Actually they were so sweet and so happy if I didn't already know how much of a pain it is from the last install I would haven ever known any different. The end result seeing that stove and microwave in my kitchen really took me back, wow is it a beautiful set.

Of course as soon as the guys were done I rushed out to the store and bought the ingredients for something I've been craving for awhile, and don't ask me to spell its traditional name, but basically its cabbage cooked in butter with sea shell noodles and a tiny bit of bacon. Its really a simple dish but because it takes three pans to make it all its not something I make often and when I do I make a huge batch and eat it for a week strait. My new cook top was perfect as the range has a middle element that will keep a pan warm while you cook. So once I was done with my cabbage I didn't have to worry about it burning while I got the noodles and bacon done. This range also claims it will boil water super quick and needless to say that is true... which leads me to our little boo boo. Well I am no genius in the kitchen and I used my all time favorite pot to boil the water for the noodles. Mind you I've used this pot countless times before to do just the same thing. So about five minutes into cooking I smell something weird but I can't find anything burning anywhere. SO when I'm all done and I go to drain the noodles I pick up the pot and there on my brand new glass cook top is a melted label, I mean totally melted onto the cook top. Turns out all along this pot has had a clear label attached to the underside and on my old range it never came off but my new Frigidaire Gallery range is in a totally different class than our old basic stove! I almost had a heart attack as all I can think is I've just ruined my brand new stove!!

Well not to leave you guys hanging but with the help of a plastic kitchen scraper and a little range top cleaner that pesky ugly melted label came off with hardly any work. I'm not sure why it was so easy as in my experience with my old range if anything melted on the cook top I'd spend the next month scrubbing it to get it off. I'm relieved and the day is saved, I'll just pay better attention to the bottom of my pans in the future.

Though I have not explored the microwave in detail yet there has to be more options and buttons on this new Frigidaire Gallery range than I've ever had on a stove. All of the controls are totally push button and I'm still exploring all the options but I think once I have a chance to read through the manual a bit our next cooking adventure will be to make some yummy cookies as I'm dying to try out the convection oven on a baking project. There are more shelves in this oven than I have ever seen in my lifetime so I'm fairly sure I could bake enough cookies for an army in one setting. At least I know when it comes time to make cookies for Connor's preschool class in a year or two, I can do it in one session! I just need some more cookie sheets and I'll be in business.

I'll have more coverage of my Frigidaire Gallery stove and microwave in the near future as well as our first baking session and more info on the microwave. I'm dying to get a video of this stove in action as I have to show you guys how many racks are inside of it. I feel a bit like a little girl on Christmas morning. In the meantime go check out the entire line of Frigidaire appliances on their website!

Don't forget that Frigidaire offers the “More Me Time” guarantee!


Liz Mays said...

That's a beauty! You're so lucky!

Kristie said...

How exciting! Have fun with it! :-)

carolpie said...

Gorgeous! What a wonderful exciting thing for you!

Now how about that recipe? Sounds like something we would love!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

Gorgeous! I am sure you will enjoy it. And the cabbage dish sounds yummy. I've never had anything like that.

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