Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who ever said the BBC wasn't cool?

I've always had a personal fondness for the BBC, quite possibly its all those endless hours I've spent up late at night looking for something to do as I've been a horrible insomniac since I was a teen. Before I had blogging to occupy all those late night hours try finding anything decent on tv at 3am. Though I can recall countless nights watching the BBC and I still enjoy watching when I have some free time. For those of you that have not checked out the BBC's lineup I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

I recently got a chance to check out Top Gear 10 - The Complete Season 10 and for all of you car junkies out there its totally worth a look. Top Gear is sort of car show with a major twist. I feel a little embarrassed to say that I didn't even realize the point of the show as the cars until I had seen a few episodes. The hosts are a group of middle aged men who act like a bunch of excited teenagers when it comes to completing these "car challenges". Can they drive across the Kalahari Desert in some old junkers? Test out high end dream cars and compare them. Its presented sort of like a super entertainment driven tech review show so even non car lovers like myself will still find entertainment in it all.

For those of you, especially some of the guys I know, who have written off the BBC as unhip or full of British dramas this show may just change your whole perception. I'm really surprised that I've not seen it up till now especially seeing as this is season ten.

If your curious you can check out the current season on BBC America or pick up Top Gear 10 The Complete Season 10 on dvd at Amazon right now!


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