Monday, June 8, 2009

It's time to stop living just for others!

I think it's ingrained into a woman's nature to completely check out the moment she becomes a mom. I know I had this overwhelming sense of devotion to Connor from the moment I found out I was pregnant so much so that I have moments where its hard to remember what its like to be anything other than Connor's Mommy. The first few months I followed the advice to sleep when he slept, though he has always slept through the night so I've always had it pretty easy. Regardless I think its just so easy to completely shed your identify for this new super mom identity that we all try so hard to pull off. None of the parenting books I read when I was pregnant prepared me for this change or even gave me advice on how to deal. Sure I learned alot about all the gross things that would happen to my body during pregnancy and about three in the morning feedings. Never did I read anything about how to deal with the guilt that you encounter when it comes to going back to work or how to still remain focused on your goals.

You can consider Mojo Mom as sort of the self help manual for all moms be it your first child or your fifth. Mojo Mom explores what it really means to become a mother and how the absolute weight of that realization affects moms. It's also sort of a how to guide on keeping your own identity, dealing with mommy guilt, and realizing your own dreams and goals. I know I still struggle with mommy guilt more often than I would like. I'll sit down to do some writing and within seconds Connor will swoop in on me and give me the cutest look and ask me to do something with him. Instead of setting a little time for myself and my career more often than not I spend all day with him and then attempt to do all my work in the wee hours of the morning and sacrifice my own sleep and health in exchange. Is it just me that feels this overwhelming guilt if I miss an hour of his life, like I'm going to totally miss something monumental.

Mojo Mom should be on every mom's to buy list when it comes to preparing for motherhood! You can pick up your own copy on Amazon. Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!


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