Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Freakazoid really isn't all that freaky, heh.

Tired of super serious superheros? Freakazoid is sort of the Tick of this generation. The alter ego of the super nerd Dexter Douglas (even his name sounds geeky). The Freakazoid is not at all your average super hero, he's funny, quirky, and obviously suffers from having problems keeping focus.

I identify with Freakazoid. I'm self admittedly a geek, I have issues keeping focused, and I have a tendency to make cheezy jokes. Though I'm a huge fan of classic super heroes there is something just so refreshing and downright entertaining about Freakazoid. The humor reminds me a bit of my favorite "super hero" show of all time Pinkie and the Brain, though I'm not really sure where to classify that show as its not really a super hero show but obviously only a mouse with super heros could think like the Brain. heh.

With really outragous villains like the Lobe who is actually a guy with such a huge brain that it sort of dominates his head and the Cobra Queen who can command snakes (wait.. where is the Cobra King?) heh. It's really just an overwhelming shame they canceled this show its still just as funny today as it was when it was released ten years ago. Eek make that more than ten years ago as I believe the last season aired shortly after I graduated. Man does that make me feel incredibly old.

Freakazoid Season 2 is presented in a super cool embossed case that really gets kids attention. Connor brought it to me several times asking to watch it even though he has no clue who Freakazoid is yet. It includes the whole second season in two glorious dvds. Though there are not a ton of extras there is a pretty comical season two commentary piece that is literally five minutes long, which on its own is hilarious.

If your looking for the perfect super hero show for the younger set this is absolutely a great option and believe me when I say that your teenagers, not to mention the men of the household, will enjoy the quirky humor as well. I still think I enjoy it more than Connor does by far and he loved it.

Freakazoid Season Two is available right now on dvd and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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