Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's almost Father's Day!

It's almost Father's Day and if your still stumped on what to buy your dad, husband or boyfriend I have some great suggestions. I figured since this was a father's day gift guide I'd include videos of most of the items on my gift list as you know how guys like visual guides verses written instructions!

Slot Radio Player - Does dad have no clue what a mp3 player is? Regardless if you understand current mp3 player technology or if you just want something easy and uncomplicated to listen to great music the Slot Radio Player is an awesome choice. Slot Radio is unlike any other mp3 player we have seen. There are no songs to download no play lists to take care of just stick in your slot radio card (many available) and your ready to go. It comes out of the box with a mix card that has 1000 songs from all genres to get you started. I've listened to it for days without hearing the same song twice and all of the selections are great across the board. You can buy additional cards from the Slot Radio store! The player also picks up FM channels so you can listen to all your favorite radio stations as well. Fairly small and very sturdy its a great option for children as well. You can pick up yours at the Slot Radio store!

Duckbill Designs Money Clips - I always thought the money clips my grandfather had were super cool. I still have a few of them in my jewelry box. Chris has been complaining for years about how his wallet is just too bulky for his police uniform and I wanted to find him something really cool that would allow him to keep his money and IDs safe but cut down on the bulk. The Duckbill Money Clip is the perfect solution and it looks great. Much larger than the money clips my grandfather used it is fairly indestructible and it will hold a surprisingly large amount of bills/cards. It comes in a really cool case and we had ours hand engraved with Chris's name so I'm sure it will be a treasured keepsake for many generations. Chris loves how it really cuts down on the bulk and how he can carry only a crew cards comfortably in it without worrying about them getting lost!

Picture Keeper
- Hands down the best picture taking accessory I've ever found. This small usb device plugs into your computer and with no help from you scans your computer for pictures, or if you prefer any type of file you want including documents. It stores them all in its memory and you can then stash it in your safe or a secure location and keep all of your important pictures and files safe in case the awful reality of a computer crash. If your like me all of your treasured memories are now digital and I can't even imagine loosing my son's baby pictures or the video of him walking for the first time. The best part is the Picture Keeper remembers which files it has already backed up so every time you plug it in it automatically just looks for NEW files. Available in several different sizes you can get one that will perfectly suit your needs. There is no software to install so you do not have to be computer savvy to use this device! You can buy yours at Picture Keeper's website.

Hallmark Cards - I've found that my dad if nothing else is always pleased to get a card with a nice hand written note inside. Why send him a boring card when I can send him an awesome card with a recorded greeting from Hallmark! Choose from cards that just have music, ones that you can record your own greeting, or a card that not only records your message but then plays a cool song afterwards. Shhhh don't tell Chris but I got him the Superman card for Father's Day as he truly is our policeman hero. Now I just have to get Connor to say Happy Father's Day for the recording... right now its coming out more like Bab Dad Yay. I think we may have to shorten it to me saying "Happy" and Connor saying "Dad Day" as for some reason Connor is having problems with happy. Hallmark cards are available at Hallmark stores, most drug stores, and even many grocery stores and department stores these days!

Mark West - For the wine junkie Mark West's wines are incredibly affordable and no one will ever know you spent under $20 on, not even your hubbie unless he's a wine expert. Mark West makes a really fabulous Pinot Noir which is pretty much unheard of at this price. Pinot Noirs are if you ask me the best "drinking" wine you can buy. No need for a fancy dinner this wine is fabulous just sitting outside on the porch watching the world go by. Classically I prefer a very dry red and Pinot Noirs are much more flavorful but I've learned from testing out my wines on friends and family that this particular wine got the best review overall from everything I've given them. Partially because you do not have to be a "wine drinker" to enjoy a Pinot Noir. Call it the common man's wine. Presented in a rather fancy looking bottle it looks and tastes more like a $50-60 wine compared to its $12-20 price tag. You might even get lucky and find it for less than that! Stop believing that you have to spend $60+ on a bottle of wine to get something fabulous, this winemaker alone should change your opinion all together of "table priced" wines. Mark West is widely available ask around at your local stores for availability.


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