Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm a little loony... for Tinytoons

I have a confession, I spent every single afternoon after school all through high school watching Tiny Toons. So much so I still get the theme song stuck in my head often and I'm fairly sure though Connor has only seen the show a handful of times he knows the theme song as well, as his mother sings it to him fairly often. Tiny Toons was just one of those shows that was upbeat, non violent, and totally fun to watch. I still get the same joy watching it today as I did when I was a teenager.

Tiny Toons was a spin off of Loony Toons for a new generation, though not the same characters but "child versions" not actually related to the originals that they ever say in any way. In Tiny Toons you actually get to see the Animanics for the first time as well, still by far my favorite wb funny cartoon of all time. The humor is age appropriate but still fun for adults, the antics are never violent, and overall it was just great children's programming. Plus it has the best intro song hands down of any children's show ever if you ask me.. seeing as Im still singing it over 10 years later that alone lets you know how much it stuck with me!

Tiny Toons Season 1 Volume 2 offers four dvds of Tiny Toons goodness as well as my favorite Tiny Toons episode of all time Tiny Toon Music Television which features "Fuddonna" aka Elmer Fudd dressed up like Madonna pointy boobies and all and a parody of Istanbul, Not Constantinople my favorite song growing up by They Might Be Giants as its super fun to sing. I spent hours practicing for horse shows playing it, on a boom box.. lol no Ipods back then!

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