Friday, May 22, 2009

Thomas's High Speed Adventures have come to our station!

It's me, Stacy again, enjoying some great kid's DVDs thanks to our friends here at Seven Dogs. Today's high speed adventure features Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends. I will be singing that "2 an 4 and 6 and 8..." song for the next few days in my worst british accent, but, it was worth it because my son is finally getting into trains! I mean, he's more of a Roary the Race Car kinda kid (which is a BONUS episode on this DVD) but also enjoyed these 6 action packed episodes of Thomas, some of which I have not seen before.

These episodes feature the new CG animation, which means better facial expressions for the trains and townspeople. As always, the same great life lessons of discovery, friendship and cooperation are most certainly included. In Thomas and the Billboard, Thomas becomes upset when he is inadvertently excluded from a photo taken of all the trains. Although it was a genuine mistake by the photographer, Thomas heatedly blames another train, which causes a whole new set of problems. In Rosie's Carnival Special Rosie is specially requested by Sir Topham Hatt to be one of two trains to transport the Carnival Special. Rosie is greedy and wants to do it alone, which causes an accident. She realizes that working together as a team can be very rewarding.

Thomas and Friends High Speed Adventures is six great episodes featuring "Steamwork", and sharing the workload among the friends, plus a nice mix of bonus material including a "Special Delivery" read along. If you are collecting Thomas Videos and items, this is one you cannot miss out on.

Want your own copy? You can find here on Amazon!


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