Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everyone in the Pool with Playtime Pals

I love how Hit Entertainment comes out with these variety DVDs. It really is so much better than sitting through the same 5 episodes of the same show, and again, great for long car rides. The kids and I have enjoyed our rainy days in doors the last week, but alas, today we bought a little pool for the kiddos, so it's outdoors for us. Plus, I have a ton of yard work to catch up on, as my husband has felled two small trees and left me to drag them into the woods - but, I digress. So, I bid you all a farewell for now, until the next time Angela calls me from my bloggish slumber to do reviews!

Enough about me, let me tell you a little bit about this DVD:
Episodes include:

  • Thomas & Friends – In “Thomas and the Lighthouse,” it’s time for the Harvest Festival, complete with clowns, a choir and fireworks. But the local lighthouse needs a new light bulb first and it’s up to Thomas to deliver it. The job calls for slow and steady care, but when his excitement and impatience get the better of him and jeopardizes his assignment, Thomas learns a valuable lesson.
  • Barney – In “Summer,” it’s the first day of summer and a super-dee-duper day to be out in the sun and having some fun! Barney and his pals show the many different summer activities to enjoy, from hiking and baseball to fishing and simply watching the green grass grow. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Fifi and the Flowertots – In “Life’s a Beach,” it’s too hot to do much of anything – except head to the beach! The problem is, Fifi and her friends live in a garden. No worries, they’ll just make their own! All it takes is a little “sand” and a giant leaf to hold lots of water. Surf’s up!
  • Bob the Builder – In “Splasher’s Two Stops,” the job of the day is to construct two brand new stops along the river where Splasher the water bus can pick up and drop off passengers. Leave it to Bob and his Can-Do Crew to build the perfect “Splasher Stops.” But can Splasher’s enthusiasm be tamed by a timetable? After all, even he can’t be everywhere at once!
  • Fireman Sam – In “King of the Jungle,” with Norman having a Tarzan complex, twins James and Sarah fighting medieval enemies and haystacks spontaneously combusting in the heat, Fireman Sam certainly has his work cut out for him!
  • Kipper – In “The Swimming Pool,” Kipper, Tiger, Pig and Arnold are off to beat the heat at the local swimming pool. But something is up with Tiger – he’s avoiding the water because he can’t swim. Once “armed” with handy water wings, though, it’s “everyone in the pool!”

Bonus materials include an extra episode of Roary the Race Car. This is a brand new DVD, recently released! Want one of your own? Get it Here on!

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