Monday, May 18, 2009

Look up, way up. It's Bob!

Bigger buildings, better machines, Bob the Builder is on site in this direct to DVD never seen on TV episode, an all new construction adventure that teaches the art of building skyscrapers. This will be your little one's favorite Bob the Builder DVD yet. Both my kids loved it. In an exciting mix of live action and animation, kids will learn the ins and outs of teamwork needed to build some of the tallest buildings in the world.

The bonus material is great - there is footage of children building their own construction projects from cardboard boxes and craft supplies. They can combine their imaginations with what they learned from Bob and the gang for their own "imaginary" projects. Nothing keeps a kid busy like some cardboard boxes, have you ever noticed that? Bob the Builder on Site: "Skyscrapers" breaks down the building process into engaging, easy-to-follow stages, incorporating Bob the Builder's trademark stop motion animation with live action construction site footage. This is a great one for those little tool toting toddlers who know every word to the "Bob the Builder" song. Girls as well as boys will be entertained and enthrawled with this one.

Want a copy? You can find this fantastic addition to your kids DVD collection at a very reasonable price at!

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Sky said...

Love Bob the Builder! My son (who is now 9) loved Bob, in fact, BTB was new here in the states when we found him so I ended up buying a lot of merchandise from Europe! I still turn on Bob and sing the song!

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