Monday, May 25, 2009

Phew! Talk about a cool vacation!

I'm back from Florida but forgive me if I get back to a slow start. I have a massive amount of emails to sort through, and wow am I totally behind! That's the only problem with being a full time bloggy mom... the digital world never stops even when you need a break! I have a ton of cool things to share with you guys though as well as some awesome giveaways I have up my sleeve. I took the whole summer off of school so I can enjoy Blogher in Chicago without any interruptions and spend the whole summer chatting with you guys!!

While we were in Orlando we spent three fabulous days at Disney World and Universal. I wish we had had more time to check out more attractions but sadly though I may have taken the summer off of school, Chris had to be back at the police department so our plans had to be cut short by a few days. Ahh well there is always next year eh? I do feel a little bit guilty still that Connor spent the week with his grandparents instead of in Orlando with us, but it was nice to have a little couple time and we got to ride all the big kid (ahem.. adult) rides. Not to mention it pretty much rained non stop while we were there which would not at all been toddler friendly. He did score big time on the gifts though as guilty parents tend to buy more gifts it seems. Thus far his favorite Disney World finds are his plush E-Wok (or so he calls it) and the accessories I got for him at the Mr Potato Head bar from the World of Disney. If I had any clue how much he would love those Mr Potato Head parts I would have bought him three boxes worth as the kid hasn't put them down since they got here.

Otherwise I think I'm getting a bit of a bug, probably from a whole week of being continuously damp and/or soaking wet, so my plans of coming back and hitting you guys strong with some reviews and giveaways may be a bit slowed but I'm back and ready to roll! Now lets just get my stomach on the game plan and we will be doing good. That and admittedly I've been spending a little extra time with a certain munchkin as it seems in the week I was gone hes grown two inches taller and way smarter. It's really quite unfair how fast these little people change.


PS. I did find something that reminded me that we had a whole herd of dogs awaiting my arrival. The Legoland at Downtown Disney has their own collection of dogs, check out the picture!

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kasandria said...

Hope you had fun! I am a Disney nut as well!

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