Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who doesn't love sitch?

Living in a house full of dogs, especially seeing at the time that Lilo & Stitch was released made me a walking sucker for Stitch's antics. I was head over heals in love with Stitch from the moment I saw him. Though let me back up for a second Stitch isn't actually a dog at all but he does sort of resemble one.

Stitch, is an escaped alien experiment considered very dangerous. Somehow he makes his way to Earth and finds a new home with Lilo a kid who may just be the Stitches equal in pure energy. Lilo has no clue that Stitch is an alien and thinks at first he is a "dog" and brings him home to live with her family. The problem is Lilo is already on shaky ground as unfortunately she lives with her teenage sister and they are struggling already. Lilo acts out and her sister is left cleaning up the pieces not to mention that they are already threatening to take Lilo away if she doesn't shape up. Somehow this misfit friendship works and Lilo and Stitch really learn the value of friendship and family together. Not bad for a alien who was previously considered an almost indestructible menace!

Lilo & Stitch easily makes my top five Disney favorites ever. There is just something about the Lilo & Stitch combo that keeps your eyes on the film. I think as Connor grows my love for Lilo & Stitch does as well as I see our own little Connor & Melos boy and dog combo growing and those two are already coming up with some trouble. The new release of the Lilo & Stitch Big Wave 2 Disc Edition release only solidifies the love as seeing Lilo & Stitch again after this long was like seeing it for the first time and sharing that with my son is priceless!

Disney's releases these days keep getting better and better with their extra features. This release includes a super cool set of mini games, some great information about Hawaii for kids, deleted scenes, and some other fun extras that could easily keep you busy for a good part of a day. What will really stand out to you though is even if you have seen Lilo & Stitch before believe me when I say you have never seen the movie like this as the colors on the this edition put the original to shame.

Lilo & Stitch 2 Disc Big Wave
edition is out right now and you can pick yours up on Amazon! We highly recommend it!


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