Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bolt is ready to super bark his way to your living room!

We love dogs, that's not even remotely a secret, so when we saw Bolt for the first time it was instant love. Bolt is the super hero doggie star of a popular tv show. The only issue is Bolt really thinks he IS a super hero and that the evil villain the "Green Eyed Man" is a real super villain. So when the series finale is shot and Penny is captured by the Green Eyed Man, Bolt totally flips out thinking that it really happened and breaks out of his trailer to search for her not even realizing that she is totally fine and is on the way back to see him. By accident he ends up by accident halfway across the country and still has no clue that he has no super powers.

With his new friends a stray cat who appears tough, and has her own secret past of her own, Mittens and a crazy hamster who dreams of being a super hero on his own time Rhino the three have to make it back to Penny safe and sound. Seeing as Bolt has no idea what the outside world is like its really up to Mittens to teach Bolt how to be a real dog and what the world is really like along the way. Rhino on the other hand is sort of like that little dog who thinks he is a big dog, he may be a hamster but he might as well think he is an elephant. You know I've had this serious hatred for hamsters since my short stint working at Petco many years ago, and Rhino may just have brought me back to the hamster side.

I can't tell you how many kids shows and movie's Ive watched for Connor's sake half the time attempting not to fall asleep but I found myself glued to the TV as much if not more than Connor was throughout all of Bolt. I have a feeling that this dog may just end up wearing out a dvd player or two in his day. We got to see Bolt in bluray and let me tell you Disney's animation team gets better and better with every release. I know I've cried little tears of agony over the loss of hand drawn sets in the past but call me crazy but Bolt may just make me eat my words yet. Plus the extras disc gives you a second peek at Rhino in his own little mini feature where he gets to act out all his little super hero dreams. Plus as always Disney includes those cool dvd games that always seem to entertain me and with Rhino as your host its pretty hilarious. Even if you still do not yet have a bluray player there is no reason to buy a standard copy as the bluray version includes a standard dvd copy as well so you can have the best of both worlds and still have your bluray edition when you get around to investing in that player!

You can get your own copy of Bolt right now on Amazon!


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