Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm totally inspired.

With Connor turning two I am already feeling the baby fever. Slap me now but seriously every baby I see seems more delicious than the next and I'm desperately clinging to the little bits of baby left in my growing little man. Not that Connor will ever not be my "baby" he is just becoming more and more independent and every chance we get to snuggle seems more and more precious as I know that soon he will be too big for me to scoop up and cradle in my arms as seeing as I'm only 4'10 I have this feeling he will be looking at me eye to eye before I can have time to breath.

The amazingly beautiful crib couture over at Inspired Crib Bedding is not helping my baby fever one bit. It takes me back to looking for a crib pattern for Connor's baby bed and the trouble I had finding just the right design at the right price. I'm sorry ladies but I am not a teddy bear or character baby bedding sort of girl. Seeing as many families use the same crib bedding over multiple children it just seems as if that "bear pattern" will get a little old over time. So when I saw the very modern but neutral looking patterns over at Inspired Crib Bedding I was pretty excited.

We got a chance to try out one of their stroller blankets and we are totally in love. We got our hands on the Geo Aqua blanket and seeing as I've yet to pry it out of Connor's hands I'm saying its a huge hit. The top of the blanket is a super soft cotton in that pretty aqua mod print and the bottom is a super silky minky. The blanket itself is pretty generously sized and its easily big enough for Connor at age two but not so big that it would be overwhelming to use with a newborn. The generous use of minky is really overwhelmingly stands out in this collection, not to mention those eye catching prints.

Speaking of minky fabric, can you imagine what it would be like to have a whole bed sheet made of minky? That dream can be a reality for all the babies on your list as the crib sheets in this collection are made totally of minky and the bed bumpers are lined with minky as well! Even the swaddlers have a minky lining. Talk about spoiling them early! My only question is where are the minky sheets in size king? heh.

If I'm lucky enough to have another baby at some point you better bet one of those crib sets will be the first thing on my registry!

Check out the entire Inpsired Crib Bedding collection on their website and if your looking for a great gift for a baby on your list or even a toddler I highly recommend their stroller blankets.


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