Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We always knew robots would end up this way.

We love robots, robot plushies, robot sweaters, you name it we probley have something along those lines so when Zeta Project came out on dvd I was pretty excited.

Zeta is an under cover assassin robot that is programed to hunt out and "illuminate" targets. Zeta can actually change his look so that he looks like basically anything he wants. The only issue is Zeta has no desire to be an assassin. The evil NSA, heh it totally makes me laugh to say that as I have a NSA pajama shirt, is not so keen on Zeta's rebellion and sends someone after him. Zeta needs to find his creator and the only person who seems to be able to help him is a teenage runaway who needs help of her own. Girl meets robot, robot meets girl... what more is there? Why don't I have my own Zeta?

It's actually a great show and the fact that Zeta's human companion is a girl will give all those super hero loving girls out there a warm fuzzy feeling. The only issue is everyone had heard of all the main stream super heroes so Zeta is a bit of a new comer to the super hero animated lineup. Though its a DC Comics production it also lacks much of the violence that seems to dominate many of the DC Comics tv series which if you ask me is a huge plus as it appeals to a larger and younger audience. Though I highly enjoyed Batman : The Animated Series its a little too much action yet for Connor but Zeta Project from the episodes we have watched thus far seems to be a happy medium. Bring on more robots!!

Zeta Project : The First Season
is out right now on DVD and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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