Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unilever wants to make your life a little better.

Unilever has launched a new website that is sort of the all in one tool for families to help them with their daily lives. I can't even tell you how much my life has changed since Connor entered the picture and I always thought my life was a little hectic before a toddler and now it seems I barely have time to shower much less even consider making dinner or brushing my hair. I can't even tell you where my day goes. Lately I've been so behind on posts, sorry guys, that I barely know if I'm coming or going and I can tell you I've been at my computer almost 24/7 but it seems the second I sit down to do something Connor busts in with half of a sippy cup poored over his head, showing me the latest thing he dug out of the trash or taking a swim in the dog bowls. The kid is bound and determined to break a leg before he turns three and we have barely made it out of the baby stage and I'm already worrying about what will happen if he ever gets a drivers lisence. heh.

Unilever must have known and seriously its been a good three years since I cooked a decent meal, put on real makeup, or had a house that was not covered head to toe in toys. Unilever thought of this and seems to have a little bit of everything on their website to help us out. Recipes, beauty tips, and even simple ways to save money are all to be found on Unilever's new site Making Life Better. I've been checking out the cooking section where you can search for recipies using recipe type, food type, and cooking method to find chicken recipes I can make in the slow cooker as I'm totally in a cooking rut. I need something that I can prepare while Connor is distracted, or coloring on the walls who am I kidding, and then have ready like I slaved all day when it comes dinner time.

Check out Making Life Better for yourself you can find a little bit of everything on there. I'll let you guys know if I actually get a decent meal cooked in the next century. Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!


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