Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Connor loves his veggies!

I feel so blessed that Connor is a huge veggie hound. Actually he usually prefers his veggies to meat most days. I'm not sure how or why this happened as it was as a child I refused pretty much every vegetable known to man. My cousin still jokes that all I ate growing up was nachos and pizza but that's not quite accurate but I will be the first to admit there were more things I wouldn't eat than would.

Luckily Connor does not seem to have that problem and he will eat pretty much any vegetable happily especially if you give him a little Hidden Valley Ranch dressing to dip the raw veggies in. Regardless of if your children love their veggies or not I've yet to meet a kid that did not absolutely love video games. Hidden Valley has a great new website with a cool selection of family friendly online video games that get kids thinking about their vegetables in a fun way! The games on Hidden Valley's Veggie Adventures are fun and easy to play even for the younger players. I spent a few minutes playing the games the other day and what should have been a few minutes ended up being almost an hour. I was determined to make it to the store with my veggies without loosing any, heh. I've yet to do it but lucky Hidden Valley's Veggie Adventures will save your game so you can come back and try again!

Hopefully your kids love their veggies as much as Connor does but regardless Hidden Valley's Veggie Adventures is a great place for kids to play games for free safely online and hopefully it will get them thinking about their veggies in a whole new light. A big thanks to Mom Central for letting us know and Hidden Valley for coming up with some cool games for us to play!

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Kristie said...

I saw this game last week and my daughter loves it! She doesn't actually play (she's a little young still), but she watches me play and thinks it's great! :-) It hasn't helped her start eating her veggies, though :-(

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