Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm the queen of indecision!

I normally do not read self help books... ok let me refraze that.. my real feeling on self help books for the most part is that they can be horribly misleading and sometimes overly influencing on people who need to get real help. With that said I took on the book review of 10-10-10 regardless as to put it blunt I've had my own problems with making decisions lately, most notiably my major at school.

10-10-10 by Suzy Welsh could be considered a self help book I guess as it really helps the reader make important life decisions in a way that is constructive and objective in one's life. However what I really enjoyed about the book is the sort of autobiography that Suzy hid along the way.. small snippets of her life. I identify with that as I do the same thing for you guys! With every review I add a little bit of myself and small snippets into our daily lives as well and sometimes I find that even more entertaining than writing the reviews and vice versa.

10-10-10's idea is basicly you prose a question about your life or something you want to change and then lay it out on how it may affect your life in the next 10 minutes, then 10 months and finally how it will change your life in 10 years. Once you know the cause and effect you can then make your decisions objectively without playing on guilt, stress, or other influences. My big question of late has been to stay in the nursing program or move to a marketing degree (or other degree) but I've felt this overwhelming sense of dread when it comes to making the decision. Partially out of guilt as I feel as if I'm letting everyone down by changing my major, but partially out of fear. My eye condition lately has been giving me trouble and I'm really overly concerned now that in the next five to 10 years I could be looking at loosing more or even all of my vision in my right eye and/or in the other eye as well and where would that leave me with nursing? I can always get a bigger monitor and keep writing (hopefully) but if I can't see a syringe correctly how am I to be a nurse without posing a risk to someone's health. Lets not even talk about how bad I was doing in the VERY simple math class due to my vision issues as well this semester.

Suzy's book did help me relax and thing about things objectively and seriously I still haven't been able to take the guilt and family out of the picture to really make my final decision though I am leaning farther and father towards changing my major. What I really enjoyed about the book though was reading about Suzy's kids and how she used her methods on raising her children. There is a part in the book where she is talking about how she feels about how your actions as parents affect or do not affect your children. There is some talk about how she always told herself how she would not judge her children on their grades or achievements and only wished for them to be good people. Heh, you know I say the same thing all the time but I wonder if I will find myself being that super competive parent one day or if I can hold on to my belief system for the long haul. Thus far I'm a pretty laid back parent. Sure I loose my temper and I scream at my beautiful son more than I'd like to admit. I am, however, overly enthusiastic when I see him share like a champion with the kids at the doctor's office or take turns riding his toys at his birthday party. These things I've never taught him and sometimes I do wonder about that whole nurture verses nature aspect and really how much we can control.

10-10-10 is a very intresting read and even if you take the self help parts out its really a good read about a mother struggling in her life the same ways we all do even if her issues go past the playground or whatever it is your struggling in with your daily life. Thanks Mom Central for letting us know.

You can pick up your copy of 10-10-10 on Amazon right now! Visit Suzy's website for 10-10-10 here!


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