Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beep Beep!

Connor has a great tricycle in the backyard that he got for his birthday last year. Mind you there is no way he will be able to ride it on his own at least for another year as his legs are ridiculously short and its rather large. However he has really enjoyed being pushed around the yard as it has a parent’s handle. He does try to petal it though and its just a hopeless cause. We have hardwood floors inside and a really good path for riding in circles between our kitchen and living spaces and I’ve had the idea in my head for some time that we should really try to find him a cute small tricycle for inside that he may actually be able to reach the petals on.

Radio Flyer makes a really pretty tricycle that looks just like a vintage moped that has really turned out to be just what Connor needed. The classic lights and sounds tricycle easily fits children from aged two to five with no adjustments needed. The seat is pretty long so as your child grows they just sit farther back on the seat which is great as its always my luck that once something needs to be adjusted I’ve lost the manual and spend hours trying to figure out the right way to adjust a toy or furniture piece. The Radio Flyer Classic Lights and Sounds Tricycle is actually on the petite end of tricycles though it would appear otherwise as it has a pretty solid frame but the size is actually a huge advantage as it works perfectly for indoor use and its not nearly as wide as some of the larger tricycles so it weaves in and out of doorways with no issues.

Connor is still working on learning how to petal his tricycle and his legs just barely reach the petals (though an average 2 year old would have no issues.. Connor is about the size of an average 12-17 month old) but if he really concentrates he can reach and we have made our first few independent feet without Mommy helping thus far. He did figure out the little secret to the tricycle almost immediately. The seat lifts up and reveals a storage compartment which Connor has been using to hide his pacifiers from me as I’m slowing starting to wean him from them. Heh. The tricycle also features a sound panel as well including turn signals and a horn which Connor uses a little too often! lol

Putting together the Radio Flyer Classic Lights and Sounds Tricycle was actually pretty easy. Everything was self explanatory and I didn’t have to spend much time reading the directions. I do really recommend an extra set of hands when your screwing the base to the frame as it gets a little tricky to screw the bolt and hold the wrench at the same time. I luckily had help and the whole project took us about 10 minutes at most.

You can pick up your own Radio Flyer Classic Lights and Sounds Tricycle on Amazon!


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