Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bright colors and the imagination makes these books winners.

Leslie Patricelli writes picture books that really stimulate infant and preschoolers minds and reading skills are not necessary. Her new book Higher! Higher! may not have met my hot list on books previously as usually I really like picture books that have real stories I can read to Connor but as of late its been really difficult to get him to sit still long enough to actually read to him and I've learned that really what gets his attention is the pictures and unwritten stories in the books.

Higher! Higher! is a really simple story about a little girl being pushed on a swing by her father. All she wants is to go "Higher! Higher!" and she goes so high she meets a alien also on a swing going "Higher!" in space! There really are very few words and the story is more seen than heard and you know what Connor absolutely LOVES it. The pictures are so beautiful and colorful that the story really comes from your imagination and the conversations the pictures invoke. A boy on the top of a mountain, children in an airplane, a monkey in a space ship, and of course a girl and her father and the simple joys of swinging. It's really a book for all ages as infants will love the bright colors and great illustrations and older kids will have the best time making up their own ideas from the pictures.

If your really looking for a great laugh and a fun book to share with an infant. Leslie Patricelli's board book Baby HAPPY Baby SAD is a great read. Again its based more on pictures than words, the book shows pictures of the things that make the baby happy and sad. Including the fact that being naked makes babies happy, don't worry its not explicit, and wearing a huge snowsuit makes them sad. heh. All of the pictures are on brightly colored backgrounds and Connor loves to sit and read the book and make happy and sad faces, though he can't actually read the words he completely understands the book just from the baby's facial expressions!

Higher! Higher! Baby Happy Baby Sad are available right now and you can pick up a copy on Amazon! Thanks Team Mom for letting us know about these great books!


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