Monday, April 6, 2009

She certainly seems happy.

Happy Go Lucky admittedly made me very uncomfortable. Poppy, the main character is unnaturally happy. It's one of those super nervous almost unrealistic sort of happy attitudes that you know must be hiding something. I know its my own uncomfortable happy smile that I'm all laying on this character at the beginning of the movie. The mom in me says smile a happy smile and solider through it but the woman inside of me is screaming for her to just break down and just scream my head off some days.

Poppy's unfailing upbeat attitude never seems to fail even when her bike, and number one source of transport, is stolen. Without even missing a beat she signs up for driving lessons and meets her driving teacher who like too many of us these days is this super pent up obviously angry guy. So I'm sure your wondering how these two mesh and if this is all heading to a crash and burn scenerio. Scott just cant seem to handle Poppy's never ending since of happyness and Poppy refuses to break and let things get her down. About that whole she must be hiding something to be so happy scenerio I thought of at the beginning of the movie. The answer will really suprise you especially in the recent times and troubles so many of us are facing.

The real scoop is Happy Go Lucky is a British film and there is something incredibly uplifting and yes really freaking annoying about Poppy. There is just something grating about her personality at least for me as maybe I'm a cynic myself but I just couldn't believe her. Needless to say the movie still has this weird way of drawing you in even as you fight it. You have to say something about the writers just from that note.

Regardless of my overly cynical views of Poppy its really a great film. Though sorry ladies I don't think the boys will be watching this one with us. It is after all a romantic movie. With all that said if your having a really bad day, week, or year Poppy has alot to teach us all I think right now.

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Superdumb Supervillain said...

You're right... Bob only made it about halfway through the DVD before giving up! I liked it, though.

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