Sunday, April 5, 2009

Every kid needs a little adventure.

Oh how to explain Johnny Quest to a non fan. Johnny Quest is sort of the more high tech cooler kid counterpart to the Indiana Jones so many of us grew up idolizing. Actually the Johnny Quest as a TV show dates back much later (1960s) than my beloved Indiana Jones but his most recent TV animated series is pretty high tech.

Johnny Quest is sort of a modern taken on the good old adventure story. Johnny Quest is a young boy who travels all over the world catching bad guys, solving mysteries, you know classic get the bad guy sort of story plus some cool gadgets. Actually the whole appeal to Johnny Quest when I was growing up with the fact that he was a boy that had all the cool gadgets. The newer version of Johnny Quest includes some computer virtual reality as well which I'm still a little iffy on as far as the plot goes. I think its just me but just the thought of virtual reality seems a little cheezy as though I do see it as a reality and even useful at some point I'm just not digging it being used in TV shows quite yet.

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest Season 1 Volume 1 is a great alternative to some of the more violent animated series if your worried about that sort of thing. Actually Johnny Quest has that same do good attitude that kids can look up to sort of the way GI Joe did when I was a kid, minus the whole military aspect. For fans of the original vintage Johnny Quest series I think that they will still enjoy the story lines but may be slightly put off by the whole virtual reality aspect. Otherwise its really one of those great series that you may never have seen thus far!

The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest Season 1 Volume 1 is available right now on DVD and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Johnny Quest! I may be one of those that are put off by the whole virtual thing but nonetheless, Heeere's Johnny!.....
Thanks for the terrific review!

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