Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thomas and his friends!

Thomas is back and he looks a bit different with his whole new CGI Animation. Actually we ripped open the dvd without even paying attention to the cover so when the show came on I thought to myself, hmm that's odd the show looks a bit different, and needless to say instead of being stop animated Thomas is now boasting a whole new CGI animation. Thomas and Friends otherwise is still the same cartoon with the same sort of story lines, but dare I say I sort of liked the old stop animation, possibly I just need more time to adjust to the new CGI animations but I've always just been a fan of stop animation. Either way Connor didn't seem to notice and he squeals choo choo every time he sees a train now thanks to Thomas.

Thomas and Friends - Railway Friends is a whole new dvd out and all of the episodes have a common theme of friendship. Our favorite episode on the dvd was about Colin. Poor Colin is a fixed in place crain and I never thought about it but Colin can't move, that means if something fun is going on in Sondor he has to stay where he is. The trains are all having a party and Colin is pretty sad about it as he never gets to go to them. Needless to say Freddie decides its about time that Colin got to enjoy a party and he makes plans, though its not exactly easy, to bring the party to him!

Also included in the extras is a name that train game. Connor lately has been asking "whats that" to just about everything so this game was right up his ally. He may not be telling me what the names are quite yet but he certainly was interested to ask what each of the trains names where. heh.

Thomas and Friends - Railway Friends is available right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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