Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There is one thing me and the daddy person agree on.

Me and the daddy person over here have very different tastes in movies. Personally I'm a big Monty Python fan, he can't even stand to be in the same room while I watch them. He loves horrible action movies that have no plot, bleh, boring. We do have one thing in common though the movie that both ranks in our top five best movies of all time just happens to be The Boondock Saints. Why? It's got all the action the boys love and the storyline is fantastic. All in all it always makes my list of best movies when people ask.

So if you've not seen the movie, you should feel ashamed heh. Seriously though the plot line involves two very Irish very pissed off brothers, who though they are not total saints themselves, decide enough is enough on scumbag baddies, aka the Russians. The story is set in Boston, I mean where else would you find Irish brothers out to kill all the bad guys? I think that's actually half of the reason I love the movie so much, after living in Boston and experiencing Southie, the sort of crummy Irish side of town. I have to admit I felt a little at home. Actually not to get off topic but what always brings this movie to mind for me is a "bar tip" a good friend of mine's mom told us who grew up in Southie. She said "Remeber girls, don't break the bottle over someone's head in a bar fight it just doesnt work. Break the bottle on the table and then stab them with it." Seriously that was my advice coming from the most adorable mommy daycare center owner you'd ever meet.

So the brothers Connor and Murphy are pretty peed off at the Russians and literally decide to rid the city of "evil" hard core gun shooting style. There is this one scene in the movie where the brothers and their friend Rocco are having a bit of a party before they go in to attack the mob and needless to say things get a little out of hand and the cat ends up getting smeared on the wall. Heh, sorry all cat lovers and belive me I love animals but seriously it's the worst and at the same time funniest part of the whole movie combined. There is a huge twist at the end of the movie with the contract killer that is after them, but seriously if you've not seen the movie I'm not about to ruin it for you.

The bluray release is stunningly and though I never got to see the movie in theaters I'm pretty sure this is about as good as it gets minus the huge screen. The sound quality is far better than my previous standard copy and the video is much improved. There is an extended version of the film included which was awesome not to mention a collection of deleted scenes. Personally though the outtakes are pretty hilarious, and man Sean Patrick Flanery is SOO attractive. I have this thing for Irish bad boys, hmm I wonder if that had anything to do with my naming of my son Connor. Heh, I swear I didn't plan it but if he grows up looking anything like the Connor in the film I'm in big big trouble.

If you've yet to see Boondock Saints what on earth are you waiting for? If you have you really must have it on bluray. Either way you can pick up your copy on Amazon.


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