Monday, March 2, 2009

The birthday party is building steam!

Today was productive. I think I did ok on my Anatomy test and on the way home I decided it was time to really crack into our sponsor list for the big Birthday Party scheduled in April! I'm ecstatic at all the interest we have been getting from our past review sponsors as well as the new interest we are getting from some new sponsors too! So lets get started folks! I'll update you on our progress around once a week until the party officially starts in April!

If your a vendor or have had a review with us in the past I am still accepting entries!

I just can't believe Connor will be two in just a few short weeks. Not to mention that the blog is going on 1000 posts and is almost two years old as well!

The updated list :

More to be announced soon!

Spread the word about the party and your eligible for a pre party gift pack! The gift pack will be given away on the first day of the party and it's for our readers who help us spread the word in advance!

The gift pack will include : A set of Plaja Pets, Tangles Toy, How'd They Build That Concrete Truck DVD, City of Ember DVD, A Little Bit of Faith Precious Girls Club Book, The Pet Shop DVD, a Easy Bake Apron, and some misc goodies for mom!

You can enter several ways and I will take multiple entries on this giveaway.
  • You can post my birthday banner to your blog with a link back to the party.
  • You can twitter about the birthday party with a link and use the hashtag #7dogsparty.
  • Write a post about the party on your blog with a link back!
  • If your not a blogger you can email 10 of your friends and cc it to angelaandconnor at gmail do com.
Button code :

Hashtag : #7dogsparty
Link :

If you need help linking to us just send me an email! Once you've added our button and/or gave us some twitter love leave me a message!

This contest will end at midnight the night before the birthday event starts!


Alexia said...

I'm excited, that's alot of stuff right there! I've tweeted you:


I have your button up on my sidebar! :)

Maude Lynn said...

A thousand posts? Wow! That deserves a party!

Leane said...

I have your birthday the bottom of the page, with link back to your blog party....if I have it up wrong, send me an email and I'll change it....but I think it's right.
See it here:

Sky said...

I have the Birthday button up on my left hand sidebar! Wow...2 years!

I love the button btw. Too cute!

Andrea Hatfield said...

I have the button up on my left sidebar!

jenny said...

you know i be there and i cant wait i put the button up on my blog

LadyBug-Kellie said...

I added your button to my sidebar! My daughter is 2 next month also went by so fast!

Rattled Mom said...

I tweeted. Looking forward to the party!

Becky said...

I hope I did this right. Just let me know if I need to change it.


Anonymous said...

your birthday button is on my sidebar!!

Unknown said...

I added the button! I can't wait for the birthday bash to start!

giggling kids said...

I blogged about this amazing giveaway on

A Family Completed... said...

I have the button up
Tonyamcrain [at]

A Family Completed... said...


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