Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm fairly sure my own mom bathed me this way.

I think the very first thing I registered for when I started my baby registry for Connor was Johnson and Johnson's bedtime bath. I've always had issues sleeping and I lost even more sleep worrying about if Connor would inherit my insomnia issues and between the two of us we'd both end up becoming zombies doomed to never sleep a wink. Johnson's Bedtime Bath has actually been one of my secrets to relaxing and falling asleep, as an adult, so I was already convinced that it would work with babies. Well lucky for me Connor did not only not inherit my lack of sleep issues, but he has slept pretty much through the night from day one. Only waking up occasionally if he is hungry, needs a diaper change, or rarely in the case of a bad dream. Hopefully he enjoys his father's sound almost unfair ability to fall asleep by just closing his eyes and the ability to sleep through practically an earthquake. heh. I only hope for my sake when it comes to school that he is a bit easier to wake up than his father.

What Connor does love is bath time and "bath" was one of his first few words. So when we got a chance to try out Johnson and Johnson's new foaming bath and bubble bath in honor of the Johnson and Johnson 50th Anniversary we jumped in with a splash. Actually, when the box arrived Connor asked me what it was as he always does and I said "bubble bath" and I swore he would have chewed that box open like a dog if I didn't hurry up and open it for him. When I tell you that Connor loves baths, you have no idea, the kid will stay in the bath tub till the water is so cold he starts to turn blue if your not careful. The new Johnson and Johnson Foaming Bath Wash is PERFECT it comes in a small pump top bottle that is actually easy enough that Connor can pump his own soap out and seeing as its foaming it's actually pretty thrifty on how much comes out at once. It looks like a huge amount as it foams up in your hand so Connor thinks he is getting a ton of soap, though I know he's not, and he loves rubbing the "bubbles" all over.

Speaking of bubbles we always put a little bit of soap in the bath before we start so the water is a little bubbly on top when Connor gets in. I'm always a bit concerned though as his skin gets so dry that I'm always worried that bubble bath will dry him out even more. Needless to say we love the new Johnson and Johnson bubble bash and wash and it does not irritate his skin or leave him feeling dry. It's lightly scented so he smells pretty yummy after his bath as well. You can find a $1 off coupon for the new bubble bath on the Johnson and Johnson Baby Channel!

Visit the new Johnson and Johnson Baby Channel to see see videos and learn more about their products! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!

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mommysweeps said...

be careful to those who are moms of little pediatrician told me to use only J & J for sensitive skin, as the other kind can lead to bladder infections for girls...

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