Monday, March 9, 2009

Begone you stinky carpet!

I'm not sure why... but Connor's carpet in his room is quite possibly the smelliest carpet in the house. I know that sounds gross but imagine the damage a almost two year old does to a carpet. Not to mention that his very best friend in the world is a bad mannered, rule breaking, chihuahua by the name of Melos. So between the two of them his room has seen some stink disasters including many spilled bottles, sprayed juice, half eaten lunches, thrown up dinners, more snot than you can imagine, and of course the occasional poo and pee and be it human or dog its happened. Steam cleaning the carpet happens often enough and no his carpet does not look filthy but if you were to lay down in his room there is, possibly, a chance you might smell something a little funky and that's just not cool with this mamma.

Thank goodness Carpet Fresh sent over their new Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator as I was about weeks away from just hiring a company to come and rip his carpet right out and deal with the mess of refinishing the hardwood underneath at a later date. We ripped our can out of the package the moment it arrived and sprayed down his entire room. The Carpet and Room Odor Eliminator is a spray on foam which you just apply directly to the carpet in sort of a sweeping motion. The spray foams up and then quickly disappears leaving the carpet a bit damp to the touch for a few minutes but we sprayed ours down, went outside and played on the slide for about half an hour and came back and the room not only smelled a thousand times better but the carpet was dry and there was no hint of unusual odors when we sat and played on the floor. Oh don't judge I know your kids have puked, peed, and who knows what else on your floors too even if you want to admit it or not. Heh.

Thanks Mom Central for letting us know about Carpet Fresh's new Odor Eliminator. We certainly could use it. Check out the Carpet Fresh website for more info as well as a coupon for $1.50 off your next purchase!


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