Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally a bag that can keep up with me!

I have been through more bags than is really necessary since I started college back four years ago. College books are extremely, and if you ask me unnecessarily heavy, so finding something comfortable, stylish, and DURABLE has been a real serious problem. My first "school" bag was actually my high school backpack. Don't even start adding it up as to how old that book bag was, but lets just say it had been a good decade since it had seen consistent use. Though it held up to the pressure I found myself wishing for pockets and dividers to sort my pens, calculators, stapler, and laptop something I did not have the luxury of back in high school. Lets not even talk about the fact that laptops back then weighed more than my son.

So needless to say I've been through at least five bags since I started this college career and I decided early on that a messenger bag was the way to go just from an organizing standpoint but that either left me with really cute but flimsy bags that just could not take the damage of all that weight or really uncomfortable bags that dug painfully into my shoulders or made my back ache like crazy. Ok I'm not sure any bag could make my back feel great while carrying around a good 30+ lbs of books and supplies but there had to be a bag out there that could take the weight and still give me the storage I needed.

I found the ultimate solution in the most unlikely of places. One of my favorite ecofriendly footwear designers Simple Shoes just happens to have a line of ecofriendly bags as well. The Overload from Simple Shoes is rightfully named as I seriously load this bag up with everything I have and it's been in service all semester with me and its taken all my abuse like a champ and still looks great. I was a little sceptical as olive green is not my first choice in colors but believe me when I tell you this bag is way cuter in person than it is in the pictures and though I'd totally describe it as "cool and cute" it can easily work for a man or a woman.

The bag itself has tons of storage two large compartments in the front which I use for my pens and small school supplies. A small water bottle compartment on the side that will totally work as a bottle compartment as well if you want to use it as a diaper bag. A little pouch on the inside which is situation right below that hole on the front of the bag which is designed so you can run headphones through the hole and keep your mp3 player inside the bag, cool eh? A great button secured pouch on the inside just the right size for a laptop or even some folders. Not to mention tons of room for anything else you can dream to put in it! The shoulder strap is very heavy duty and belive me when I say if it will withstand the abuse I can dish out this semester it will hold up to virtually anything you can think to do with it.

For all those ecojunkies out there you will be super happy to know that this bag is totally made of hemp and is in the best category from Simple Shoes which means it falls within their toughest category of ecofriendlyness and it containers no animal products and pretty much every component possible is from a ecofriendly or recycled source.

I'm sure you could come up with some creative uses for an Overload! Possibly a daddy diaper bag, overnight bag, school bag, you name it this bag can do it. Its easily the most functional and versatile bag we have featured thus far on the blog and I'm sure I will have a very long relationship with my Overload!

Check out the Overload and the rest of the bags available from Simple Shoes!

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kaboogie said...

What a cool bag!
I do love the hemp products, they're tough as nails. And I do appreciate that they're animal free. I wanted also to let you know that I take 2nd hand leather and suede and recycle them into small bags and baby shoes, so that those items aren't thrown in landfills, and totally wasted as clothing! You can find me at
Great review!

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