Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't be sad about the end of ER.. Season 10 is out!

Its hard to believe that ER is in its final season. Come to think I can't say I remember the time before ER was on the air. It's been around so long it just seems part of life. I hate to admit that watching the show in the early years first peeked my interest in nursing and though I hate to say that ER was my inspiration it was surely one of the influences in my life that made it seem attainable.

I've lost touch with ER, school, baby, the blog, my TV viewing time is pretty much down to a few hours a week and seeing as much of that time is spent watching children's shows with Connor all of my shoes have just fallen out of the spotlight and that's really a shame. Getting ER Season 10 on dvd totally reminded me what I was missing and res parked my interest.

I don't think that the release of ER Season 10 on dvd on the same year that the show is in its final season was any mistake. ER Season 10 is the beginning of many members of the current cast. This is the first season for the then med student Neela Rasgotra who is just how saying her goodbyes this season. ER Season 10 was also unique as several of the episodes focus around Carter and Kovac's African trip which is a big part of the focus of the season . This also the first season for Nurse Taggart and notably the last and one of the most challenging seasons for Dr Romano.

I feel pretty lucky to have stepped back into ER via ER Season 10. The series may be ending but I still have a ton of catching up to do not to mention Season 10 may just have been one of the most watched seasons with the final three episodes breaking the charts in ratings. If your an avid fan of ER and just want to take a trip down memory lane or like me somehow missed out on the last few years you can't miss the new release of ER Season 10 on dvd. Pick up your copy on Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

I love ER! Somehow they always found new cast members to keep it interesting! Although I've not been able to watch it as faithfully in recent years, I will certainly miss it!

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