Friday, March 20, 2009

What's That? The constant toddler question.

I always heard that toddler's are known for asking "Why?" well Connor on the other hand asks "What's that?" or "Where'd they go?" for just about every single thing he sees or every single person that walks by or even leaves a restaurant we are in. I have to admit its a bit trying at times as much as I want to foster his love of learning and answer every single question about the 50th time someone gets up and leaves a restaurant you just want to scream "shut up!!". heh. So far I have not said that to him, but I fear the day I might.

Not to be negative at all this is all leading to something. One of our favorite making stuff series, How'd They Build That, is back with two new dvds. I absolutely love the How'd They Build That series for the pure and simple reason, for just this once I don't have to answer what it is as well the series answers that question from the very start.

What is it with boys and their love of cars, trucks, and all things that go? Today we had to do some family stuff and Connor was occupying himself with some of his cousins on the floor with a whole bag of cars and trucks. It seems its almost a borned in trait that boys love vehicles and its only a matter of time before they start asking detailed questions. How'd They Build That does not only show some pretty cool vehicles but it also shows how each one was built. The two new dvds in the series How'd They Build That Concrete Truck and How'd They Build That School Bus are pretty neat. I have to admit I've actually always wondered just how a Concrete Truck is made, what a fascinating piece of machinery. I can totally see why boys are into trucks to be honest. How'd They Build It School Bus is tons of fun as well and if you have a preschooler getting ready to start real school this coming fall what a great video to get them excited. I mean seriously have you ever wondered how such a big vehicle is built or how many people it takes?

Both How'd They Build That Concrete Truck and How'd They Build That School Bus are available right now on DVD and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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