Saturday, March 21, 2009

I think my mom secretly dreamed of being Wonder Woman.

I'm telling family stories now, sorry Mom, but seriously growing up all I ever watched with my mom was Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, A-Team, and Star Trek. Though seriously I saw her face when Wonder Woman came on, she dreamed I know it, of wearing that little outfit.

Kids today would not remember nor do I think they would totally appreciate the live action Wonder Woman that was on when I was a kid and she has been overlooked lately in the batches of super hero movies that have come out recently. So how is the youngest generation suposed to find out about the coolest female super hero ever? Well the new DC Universe animated Wonder Woman movie will totally fix that problem. Mind you I should tell you right here and up front this is not for the little kids. This newest animated Wonder Woman movie is rated PG-13 in this animated dvd Wonder Woman is everything she was ment to be, sexy, badass, and she does not play around.

One of the things that urks me about the made for tv live action Wonder Woman that I grew up with was she was just too, um, vanilla. Wonder Woman after all is an Amazon Princess and arguably the strongest superhero besides Super Man so making her all super girly sort of defeats the purpose. The new animated Wonder Woman shows her in my opinion exactly as she should be not to mention does a great job of explaining her background something that non comic book junkies may not be aware of.

The two disc special edition of Wonder Woman is awesome. It has a great piece on the evolution of Wonder Woman and how her character and persona has changed over time. It also gives you even more background into the character and her origions. There is also a great trailer for the Green Lantern animated movie, personally one of my favorite comic book heros, as well as two bonus cartoons.

If your wondering about the PG-13 I'd say its certainly safe for teens and even some preteens. It's pretty violent but nothing unusual from other comic book movies and ther is some hints at sexual undertones but nothing terrible. Use your own judgement but I would certainly have no problems with my kids seeing it once they are old enough to understand its not ok to throw your brother through the front window. heh.

Wonder Woman
is available right now on DVD and you can pick yours up on Amazon!


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