Thursday, March 5, 2009

Connor looks pretty stylin with his teething necklace!

My son wears a necklace and you know what it looks pretty awesome. This is not just any necklace though we have a amber teething necklace from The Natural Baby Company. It's said that amber is a natural teething remedy and we got our necklace a few months ago when Connor was getting a new tooth what seemed like every day. Connor got his teeth late and when they decided to start coming in they came in so fast that he was SO miserable. That's actually half the reason you have not see so many new pictures of him lately on the blog. Getting him to hold still for a picture has been impossible and he has just been so miserable that it seemed unfair to pester him with more pictures. Needless to say we are almost through the teething stage and the question is did the amber teething necklace help? Well I did notice on the days he wore his necklace he seemed to be in a bit better mood and I ended up having less of a chance of having to give him pain relievers at night. You know I can't 100% for sure say that the necklace helped him but I certainly can tell you that we have gotten so many complements on his "cool" necklace and he loves wearing it. That alone is worth every penny.

The product I swear by by The Natural Baby Company is the Magic Stick. We got a tube quite awhile ago and I thought to myself, this tiny tube must not last very long, but we have been using it almost every day for a little over three months. It's one of those things I don't like to leave the house without as it can be used for so many diffrent things. I use it on Connor's very chapped face as of late and it works wonderfully to help tame and protect the dry skin around his mouth and nose with all the runny noses he has been getting with this weather. It's also great to protect and calm rashes all over the body including the diaper area. If your a cloth diaper wearer you will also be glad to know that this is one rash stick you can use no matter if your using cloth or disposable diapers as it does not coat your diapers or affect your cloth diaper's performance one bit.

If you paid attention to our cloth diaper special back in September you'd know that The Natural Baby Company also has a great selection of awesome cloth diapers to choose from as well!

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Leane said...

Both of these sound really great. I would love to try them out, if $ wasn't so tight. Nice review, though!

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