Thursday, March 5, 2009

OOO and it has little horses in the package!!!

Ok, I was pretty excited over the last batch of Bella Sara cards I got from Team Mom awhile back. I for one am a total sucker for anything horse related and just the fact that Bella Sara is a card collecting set was enough to spark my interest but these are not just trading cards. Bella Sara is a full fledged online game. Each pack contains codes which you can enter in your online Bella Sara account to add to your online collection.

The newest additions to the Bella Sara line are so cool! The first is Bella Sara Miniatures. When you open your miniatures pack instead of getting the typical cards you get a little miniature Bella Sara horse to collect and trade with your friends as well as a code to enter into your online account. The miniature horses remind me a bit of sugar candy as they are lightly flocked. I ended up with two very pretty little Pegasuses that are currently keeping me company at my desk. The miniatures expansion pack is by far my favorite expansion thus far to the Bella Sara online game as its fun to collect the little horses along with the items in the game.

The second addition to the line is Bella Sara Treasures. The treasure expansion packs include stickers, temporary tattoos and of course collectible cards and codes. Considering I had a massive collection of horse and unicorn stickers growing up you know I am loving them. Still it only leaves me wishing that online games were a reality when I was a kid too!

Bella Sara is a fun safe online place for girls to hang out. Check out Bella Sara right now and thanks Team Mom for letting us know!


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