Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ba-a-ath! That actually sorta sounds like what Connor calls it.

My favorite silent and hilarious flock of sheep are back in the new dvd Shaun The Sheep : Back in the Ba-a-ath. The entire dvd features episodes that are based around taking and bath and seeing as that's easily one of our favorite words here its a win win situation.

Shaun the Sheep was created and looks very similar to Wallace and Grommit, the cartoon which first featured Shaun the Sheep in a short clip. He was so popular, Shaun and his friends ended up scoring their own series which makes you wonder a bit what those farm animals are up to in the fields anyways. Included on Back in the Ba-a-ath are eight episodes as well as a sing along extra feature.

Our favorite episode on the dvd was a Bathtime. In this episode the farmer decides its time for the filthy sheep to get their annual sheep "dip" but when he goes to fill up the pool the hot water doesn't work. The duck decides to jump in first and he ends up having to get rescued as the water is so cold it turns him into a little duck Popsicle. Needless to say the sheep want no part in taking a bath unless they have some hot water, so the quest is how to get hot water from the farmer's house without him knowing?

Shawn the Sheep : Back in the Ba-a-ath is available right now on DVD and you can pick yours up from Amazon!


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