Saturday, March 7, 2009

No one will ever know that your feet are ecofriendly.

Finding cute eco-friendly footwear has been a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure why but I've just not sure why but ecofriendly footwear seems to be either very hard to come by or incredibly ugly. Simple Shoes however is not just ecofriendly but their shoes are so cute no one would know unless you told them that your shoes just happened to be made from recycled materials.

Back in the fall before all the Christmas madness I got two pairs of Simple Shoes to try out. I ended up getting a pair of Women's CARats in a bright blue for me and a pair of swanky black Men's CARats in black for the daddy person over here. I was totally blown away by how comfortable and incredibly cute they are. I wear mine to work out in, take long walks, and every day around town and I've never had to worry about my feet hurting and there was absolutely no break in period as they were as comfortable from the moment I put them on as they are today. Our CARats have a dyed hemp top or certified suede, organic cotton lining, and a recycled car tire sole. Actually the soles of these shoes totally crack me up as you can still see the tire tracks in your shoes. Leaving footprints in the sand looks a little like your feet are miniature tires.

Simple Shoes
ranks their shoes by best, better, and good dependant on how much ecofriendly and recycled material is used to make the shoes. They also package their shoes in shoe boxes made from recycled materials and attempt to use as little packaging materials that's humanly necessary. Personally we love them because they are super cute and we love the fact that they were made with protecting our earth in mind!

Head on over to Simple Shoes and check out the entire collection. You must swing by the kids section as there are some adorable children shoes available as well!


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