Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Connor knows is he is wearing the most comfortable outfit ever!

If you look in Connor's closet you will find a little bit of everything, dress shirts, some little punk rock tees, the standard rompers, and of course a dizzying array of onesies and tee shirts. Between grandparents, family, and of course my own fashion sense I'm not sure all the people that buy for my little man agree on his "style" but we do agree on one thing there are a few staples every child should have and the biggest one is "a really comfortable tee shirt and pants set" by this I mean tee shirts and sweats people. Just the idea of tee shirts and sweats makes me cringe actually I keep having these visions of guys in old tee shirts and those drawstring sweats you see football players wearing for practice. Horrid, bleh, no sir, when my Aunt even suggested to me that Connor should have a pair of sweat pants I almost gagged. I think I had to cough down the whole "My son will NOT be wearing sweat pants reaction" but needless to say I had to rethink that one. Yes, I totally agree with her every kid should have several outfits that are very comfortable but that does not at all mean you have to sacrifice style. With that said I almost feel as if I'm doing a disservice to the company I am about to introduce as to be honest with you I don't at all see them as "comfort" clothing as the organic clothing sold by Rattled is so beautiful you wont even notice the comfort aspect.

So with all that said, let me introduce you to one of my favorite totally organic cotton baby lines ever. Rattled is the comfort food of your child's wardrobe. Forget those nasty icky sweat pants, forget ugly tees, and don't do what I do and leave your kids in their pjs all day. Now that we have found Rattled our only wish is that we had more pieces to mix and match. Rattled is simple pick any piece from their collection and pair it with any other piece. Connor has a beautiful crisp green onesie from the Rattled line that we pair with a pair of their cotton pants. He wears them all over the house, out to dinner, and its the very first thing I grab when he makes his trip to see the Grandparents who live three hours away. Connor looks fabulous and he loves the way he feels. Usually halfway through a car trip Connor is attempting to undress himself in the car seat as you have to admit folks it can't be comfortable to be strapped into one of those seats for long hours wearing jeans or things with metal snaps all over it. I'm happy that he looks cute and he is happy that he gets to wear his "sweats" or that is as far as I'm concerned something FAR better than any icky ole pair of sweats. I'm also more than happy to say that even after a very scary encounter with chocolate where I was positive that we would have to go buy him a whole new outfit his Rattled outfit looks amazing even after a half a dozen washings, due to some very bad food accidents, and we get easily more complements on his green onsie than I've had on some of his designer shirts priced triple this one. Lets not forget its organic to boot.

So I apologize for being so wordy with this review but seriously you have to check them out. Head on over to Rattled and check it out for yourself. I highly recommend the green (lime). Oh and that whole "I'll never let Connor wear sweats thing."

I have to laugh at myself as today we took some pictures for the birthday party coming up of a product we were working on and needless to say Connor is wearing cut off sweats and a yucky old tee shirt. What you don't know is just before we started that "project" we were working on bleaching our FILTHY porch floor. We value our Rattled too much to dare go anywhere near bleach in them!

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