Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still on a high from the election?

Still celebrating the most recent presidential election? Any chance you guys remember a movie with the same name, Election? Election features Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. Reese stars as Tracy an overly zealous if even a bit psychotic teen that will stop at nothing and I do mean nothing to become class president. Matthew Brodrick plays the popular teacher Mr. McAllister who decides that Tracy has gone too far and he makes it his mission to stop her.

The funny part about this entire movie is the fact that the girl who always plays the sweet girl is suddenly the raving lunitic Tracy and Matthew Broderick who is best known for being Ferris is the teacher trying to stop her. The only issue is Mr. McAllister has his own demons to deal with including the fact that he is attracted to his best friend's ex wife and his best friend a fellow teacher got a divorce because he slept with the student in question Tracy. This only fuels Mr McAllister's fury against Tracy and further complicates his own life in turn.

Not to make things even more complicated but the other candidates running have their own troubles to deal with. It's really a good example of just how complicated life can be, even for a high school student. Not to mention those teachers which at the time we were in school we thought were perfect, are just human too. Election is complicated, funny, and though it's an older film it was a pleasure to see it released in bluray.

Really my only complaint about the bluray release of Election is the fact that other than a commentary feature there are really no extras to speak of. The picture quality and the sound is excellent, you would never know it was originally published over 10 years ago. Though from how young Reese looks you can guess heh.

is available right now on bluray DVD an you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


Anonymous said...

Hm, thanks for the review

Superdumb Supervillain said...

I love this movie. When it came out, I remember a bunch of people telling me that it reminded them of me. I never knew if it was a compliment or an insult...

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