Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The boy in the yellow shirt.

Your A Good Sport, Charlie Brown has been re released on DVD and every Charlie Brown fan should rejoice. My favorite Charlie Brown character of all time the Masked Marvel (aka Snoopy's alter ego) and Charlie Brown enter a motor cross in attempts to win two tickets to the probowl. I may be no sports fan but watching Charlie Brown compete with the most awful bike imaginable is pretty entertaining. Not to mention that the irony that Charlie Brown's bike helmet is a pumpkin is almost worth the entire DVD.

Poor Charlie Brown between the terrible bike, being tagged number thirteen in the race, and the flashy Masked Marvel showing up he pretty much thinks he has no shot at this race but Charlie Brown is pretty resourceful as ever. Who says the good guy never wins? Like wise though if you ask me Snoopy aka the Masked Marvel makes the movie. If you have never seen Your A Good Sport, Charlie Brown its a classic. Included on the DVD is Dust Yourself Off and Pick Yourself Up, Charlie Brown a short feature that reveals the real inspiration behind Your A Good Sport, Charlie Brown!

Your A Good Sport, Charlie Brown is available right now on DVD and you can pick up your copy on Amazon.


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