Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sometimes you come across something that will change everything.

Looking for a Valentines Day gift for person in your life that has a home office, or is always on the move? Sometimes I am lucky enough to come across a product that completely changes my idea of how things are supposed to function. The Callisto Pro from Plantronics is absolutely one of those products.

As a work at home mom I'm routinely running out of the house switching back and forth from my home phone and cell phone. It never seems to fail if one rings I tend to be just far away that I never seem to get there in time or Connor has hid the home phone so I end up spending half the day trying to find it. More importantly please tell me its not just me but have any of you been in a rush talking on the phone and walked out of the house got in the car thinking your talking on your cell phone and gotten halfway down the block before you realize that its not the cell phone your talking on but your cordless and then your forced to explain why you hung up on the person you were talking to.

The Callisto Pro is a whole new way to deal with juggling calls from your cell phone and land line. Using one bluetooth compatible headset you can take or place calls no matter where you are in the house from either phone line. Meaning as long as your wearing your earpiece no matter which phone rings you can answer it. This means if I'm in Connor's room in the midst of changing a diaper I don't have to worry about missing a call, and who cares if Connor hides the phone I don't need it to answer it. The best part is if I leave the house I can keep wearing my headset and keep taking calls on my cell phone. As long as either the headset or cell phone is within range I can take calls with no problem. The Callisto Pro is also compatible with quite a few VOIP programs including skype. I use mine with my Vonage line and have not yet tried it with a software VOIP package.

The cordless phone part of the Callisto Pro is fabulous its very small and compact much like a cell phone and it offers features that you just don't see in other cordless phones including the ability to download your phone numbers from our microsoft outlook. As well it has a very powerful speakerphone function which is super clear though using speakerphone with a toddler in the house is nearly impossible as he attempts to talk to everyone on the phone as well. heh. The headset and the cordless phone both charge on one pretty small base so it does not take up room and seeing as you have about a 300 foot range from the base to the headset I've never found the need to have multiple phones in the house as 300 feet easily covers my entire house, if I need to go any further I just switch over to my cell phone. I know when I say headset you guys are thinking of the big clunky headsets that you see people wearing at call centers, but this headset is a bluetooth headset no bigger than what you see people running around town wearing with their cell phones.

The Callisto Pro will completely change your idea of how a home phone system should function without a doubt and if your working from home or if your just an on the go mom you will absolutely swear by the headset.


Superdumb Supervillain said...

That is really cool! I have been hesitant to use an earpiece but this makes sense.

Teresa said...

Thanks for this review. I have been looking for something like this.

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