Saturday, February 7, 2009

A little sparkle on Valentines Day. has been one of my favorite online jewelry retailers for some time. Previously to discovering them buying jewelry online made me a bit nervous as especially if I'm buying a serious piece of jewelry I have a hard time spending over $100 without seeing what I'm buying. After several orders from I can tell you that every item we have seen from their collection has way exceeded any expectations I may have had. Though it shouldn't even be a worry as if your not 100% satisfied in any way they will allow you to return your purchase no questions asked.

I had my own Valentine's Day wish, for months now I have been looking for a starfish necklace. There was a sentimental reason why it was so important to find one but finding one has been a real issue. Though normally most everything I buy is sterling silver for once I really wanted something really nice in white gold and diamonds if possible as I plan on it being a long term investment. The only problem is I've been to every jewelry store that I can think of and even visited jewelry stores down on the beach and no one seems to have anything even close to what I wanted. I found a few starfish but they were large and gaudy and I really wanted something pretty and delicate. I've seen several on the Internet but when it comes to buying fine jewelry and especially diamonds I get nervous.

Our past experiences have been excellent so when I saw the 1/4 Carat 14k White Gold Starfish Pendant it was love at first sight. After months looking for just the right pendant I came across it and ended up making an order the same day. At $325 it is the most expensive piece of jewelry I've ever ordered so I ended up putting it on a payment plan so I pay a flat rate every month for five months. The ordering process was quick and easy and my necklace arrived in about a week. I was so nervous opening the box as $325 is a lot of money for me to be spending as technically I'm a full time student. The moment I opened the box however, I knew I had made the right decision.

My starfish necklace is absolutely stunning the points are delicate, the diamonds are nice and clear with no visually obvious inclusions or flaws, it's absolutely worth every penny I paid for it. This piece of jewelry means a lot to me and I hope it something I can pass down to one of my children one day. I absolutely love my pendant and I am so happy with I plan on buying more pieces from them in the future. Maybe even one day a pair of diamond earrings I've always wanted.

If your looking for something really special for Valentines Day I highly recommend you check out The prices are very reasonable and well under the prices I've seen at many of my local jewelry stores and the payment plan could not be easier! Visit to see more!


Anonymous said...

That is so gorgeous!!! My stepmom loves starfish, and I'd love to get this for her someday!

Anonymous said...

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